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Literature is one of the Fine Arts, like Music, Dance, Painting, Sculpture, as it is meant to give aesthetic pleasure rather than serve any utilitarian purpose. It consists of great books which are notable for literary form or expression. In the realms of poetry, drama and fiction, the greatest works are selected on aesthetic excellence or the beauty of expression which entitle books to be considered as literature.

Here the Balochi literature is considered which, to some extent, lacked such great works but the fact can not be denied that the Baloch writers in some years have come forward with works of fiction with aesthetic excellence and beauty of expression. One of those factionists is, Munir Ahmed Badini, who has enriched the Balochi literature with ninety novels. As a notable writer, the president of Pakistan has awarded Munir Ahmed Badini, “President’s Award for Pride of Performance”; he has been awarded with two national awards from Academy of Letters and regional, awards such as “Mast Tawakli Award and Syed Dad Award”.

Munir Ahmed Badini (b 1953) is in his 60’s, tall with a French cut white beard and a wide smile on his face, always wearing a long coat. He belongs to Bolanzai clan of Badini tribe of Rakhshani grouping of the Balochs from the district of Noshki. He started writing from early age, during his college years, he translated Joseph Stain’s book Marxism and the National and Colonial Question into Balochi language but couldn’t publish that. He writes fiction in Rakhshani Balochi dialect. The theme of his writing is Baloch society, compared to the other writers of Balochi he writes fiction with a new taste and is read more by the Baloch youth. Because of the aesthetic pleasure in his writing, his novels have also been translated into English, Urdu and Persian languages.

Munir Ahmed Badini says that novel has gained much importance in the 21st century; in some parts of the world it has gotten a status after religion. It is approved when we find out that A Tale of Two Cities by Charles dickens sold 200 million copies and War and Peace of Leo Tolstoy’s approximate sales only in Russia was 36.0 million copies. But Badini believes that a writer does not write for awards or commercial purposes but he writes for ideal readers. He does not get money for his books but he distributes them freely to the youth.

This great writer is inspired by Sartre’s Idea of Freedom consequently his novels and short stories run around freedom. He believes that that most important element in a human is feeling and he expresses his feelings without any fear saying that, “If one wants to enjoy the life, he must be fearless”.

Badini says that the one, who does not think, can’t be his friend that is thought which makes him a human from an animal. “I for years was trying to convert my thoughts into an art form, now I have succeeded in my ambition by putting down ninety novels” says Badini.

The Balochi literature was waiting for a novel like War and Peace and that ends with the publication of Munir Ahmed Badini’s latest novel “Bahisht o Dozah”, a historical history of love and philosophy with aesthetic pleasure. Bahisht o Dozah is his magnum opus consisting of 1221 pages, beautifully covered with a high-quality printing.

The author of ninety Balochi language novels is soon going to publish his first English language novel. Some of his books are named below:

  • Rekani Talah Halke [“A Village In The Dunes”] Published by Balochi Academy Quetta, Balochistan. 1993
  • Bel Ke Mah Bekape-et [“Let The Moon Vanish”] Published by Balochi Academy Quetta, Balochistan. 1994
  • Agah-en Chamani Wahb [“The Dream Of Open Eyes”] Published by Balochi Academy Quetta, Balochistan. 1996.
  • Shal-e Gullen Bazaar [“The Flowery Bazaar Of Shal”] Published by New College Publications Quetta, 2008.
  • Tahariani Posag [“The Children Of Darkness”] New College Publications, 2009.
  • Eh Zind Tara Brazit [“He Is Worth It”] New College Publications, 2009.
  • Karnani Kahren Dohk [“The Sorrows Of Centuries”] Published by Baloch Academy Quetta, Balochistan, 2009.
  • Mani Dairee-e Latain Pan [“A Few Pages Of My Diary”] New College Publication 2009.
  • ·Hazaren Pasaani Shap [“A Night of Thousand Twists”] A collection short stories. New College Publications 2010.
  • Espaten Haspa Sanj Bekan [“Sadle The White Horse”] New Collage Publications 2010.
  • Esh Tai Zameen Tai Azmaan [“This is Your Land, This is Your Sky”] New College Publications 2010.
  • Esh Gon Saraan Labe [“Playing with the Lives”] New College Publications 2010.
  • Hazaren Karnani Wadaar [“Waiting of a Thousand Years”] New College Publications 2010.
  • Bekan k Tao Bebu [“Be and do it”]
  • Jemari ay Rokapt [“The sunset of Jemari”]

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