Baloch Nationalism

Sammi Bohir, Turbat

It is an open secret that due to nationalism Baloch are struggling for libration, Baloch are giving Banner-Of BNM Sitesacrifices and not paying them off in this regard, they are sacrificing their lives for the bright future of Baloch, to sacrifice their lives and to burn like a candle and give light to their nation is called the Baloch nationalism.

In the British rule, Baloch nationalists started struggling. Likewise, many Baloch gave sacrifices for gaining liberation back. They raised their voice for freedom, Baloch nationalism is going for a long time, Baloch nation is  an extremely kind and helpful to others, Baloch gave many sacrifices and their sacrifices are unparallel, nothing can come to equate them the parliament of Pakistan the blood for martyred can never be forgiven anyone, nationalism can take out the person from darkness to lighting, if the nation has parliament, religion, strength, war, enmity, love and care these things can easily take a nation towards lighting.

Baloch nationalism was started in 1920, Mir Yousaf Aziz can deserve the big status , he was the part of nationalism, owing to this, nationalism got a head way also Mir Yousaf   Aziz Magasi  was the part of it when on 27th of march 1947, Pakistan was declared the free country Balochistan forcefully, khan Ahmed Yaar khan became coward, but the brother of khan Ahmed, Abdul Karim was the governor, he did many things for Baloch, he raised his voice against invaders, he went to Afghanistan for aid, but it did not do anything for Abdul Karim khan’s struggle.

Faiz Mohammad, Yousaf Zahir, Molluhi Harz Mohammad, Bau Abdul kareem, Mohammad Hassan these legendary personalities supported the Baloch nationalism and took it ahead, the struggle of these personalities must not be forgotten because it is unforgettable.

In 19967 BSO was formed and that was the great time for Baloch nationalism. BSO members worked a lot and that time honesty was there and brutality did not exist, Baloch who are in Karachi did many things for Baloch nation in 19932 the Baloch from Karachi started a “Baloch league” when in 19948 the liberation of Balochistan was snatched and given by English people and English people aid Pakistan for money and resources and then that day the struggle of Baloch for liberation started, nationalism is there in veins of every Baloch who are being martyred like in Pasni, Mandh, Turbat Gwadar. Mushkay etc…

It is the war of Baloch, the members of BSO sacrifice their lives, now today some are abducted.

BSO and BNM take the Baloch ahead, in 65 years Parliament did not do anything, Baloch nationalism is the struggle then now Baloch wan freedom and freedom is the right of every nation and liberation is extremely necessary for a successful nation.


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