Education in Pakistan

By Imam Din Kandrani

Education is a basic prosperous and an advanced map for the evolution. “Education is the only imam-din-new-photosource to the poor to come in power” and similarly “Education is the best way for the poor to rule all over the world”, says W. Shakespeare.

Nowadays education has become an important source in every field. If we head over the today’s advanced world so might we see the education has brought a great revolution in the globe? Due to education the globe became the global-village, even it was a tactful and most difficult task for the scientists to make it global-village. However, through the advanced education of Information Technology it became so easy. Now every child knows about the whole world. Even they are aware about their daily basis information about circumstances by press Media, education in every field has developed such as health. Nowadays every disease has a treatment indeed sugar, blood pressure and cancer once called untreatable disease but it is the education that devised a perfect and safe treatment for above mentioned congenial diseases. Even, now you, yourself can check and treat if you are a patient of sugar or blood pressure. Similarly the big task for doctors about the transplant of liver has been very easy that it is being transplanted easily again education shows a successful landmark in health field. Thus the education has brought many changes in the world. Nobody can claim that bullet is powerful than pen, rather education is so powerful that an injured of bullet can be heeled through education of health which is so important. The state of education seems so depilated after mentioning the above lines about its importance, but unfortunately, knowing such importance of education the state of education is in very dismal condition. It has a good structure in the whole world but the educationist of Pakistan, still could not give a proper structure to it. Every department has different system of education, even every school, college and university has a whole sale system for its youth. There is no checking and audit system. Every teacher is free to remain absent, though they can sleep during the school time. Therefore, the absence of checking and guide helps those factors which enhance the dismal condition of education in our beloved state.

Similarly the dismal state of education in Pakistan increased the illiteracy rate; Pakistan is in the 174 position of literacy rate. The total literacy ration 46% Pakistan is too, weak. According to the expert analysis of education Pakistan, which is the 7th atomic power in the world and 1st in Muslim countries could not bring changes in education. The poor administration in education could not literate its masses. A huge number of youth and even children are indulged in crimes.  The crime rate is higher than the education. So Pakistan must head now over its uncountable literacy rate and try to manage a good systemic education structure that its literacy can come over and be counted in prosperous countries.

The classical education system in Pakistan has abolished equally. Here schools, colleges and universities are divided according to the economic level of people. The poor has a poor system and rich has rich education system. If both the children of poor and rich read in same institute so they definitely will be treated in various manners. The child of poor is being discouraged but the child of rich is being encouraged by educationists, doesn’t matter how much he/she is. Thus, there is no equity in education field which is waiting to be notified.

Similarly, the quality of education is poor, too. The class-wise educational institutes uprooted the quality of education in Pakistan. Many students of Pakistan in foreign countries say that they are being ignored there. However, the poor condition of education which cannot meet the norms of modernism, so they must be ignored because they do not have base and cannot judge the right path. If we think over the quality of education in Pakistan, is divided in two kinds, Primary class quality and high class quality. The former is being taught in government schools and also in low class private schools which has no class quality in foreign countries and the latter high class quality of education is being inculcated in high class private institutions which demand for high fee and fund that’s state in foreign countries is low class. So the “no class quality” and “low class quality” according to outer experts is being taught in Pakistan which never pushes its youth to the development.

After discussing equity and quality the relevance is awaiting to be noted, too. Relevance is most important in education. It has its own importance in its field. Whatsoever, in Pakistan institute inculcate have been mentioned that is various. Every department has its own course. The course of primary is relevant to the middle that the middle class’s education can be obviously comprehensible for the primary’s student to get and similarly the middle class’s student is relevant to the secondary and then secondary to the high class, their causes must be relevant for the sake of the betterment of education. But, Pakistan’s education system is deprived of it. There is no relevance between the courses. So the irrelevancy leads the students to the trouble and at cast they are compelled to leave education in spite of continuing it further. In nutshell, the irrelevancy of education system in courses causes a several loss for Pakistan.

However, the development of education is lying at environment and access to it. The environment and access are closed to each other, because the environment consoles its inhibiters to access anything. If a person wants to offer his five time prayer with the gathering of there, so he must have mosque, means first he made project to offer his prayers (environment) than for it he must have access to mosque. If mosque is present and the environment is not pictured so again there are related with each other. Same image is in our education system that same body has schools but deprival of environment, if they have the schools environment with deprival of access to it. However, in this case, the 65% population of Pakistan, according to census of 1998, in habits in rural areas where schools are less, nobody is ready to send its children to the other villages to get education, because they are afraid of crime. Even in rural areas almost 85% of girls are not allowed to go to schools, because of sexual crimes that have increased gigantically. Finally, absence of schools creates the problem of access and environment, too that is also waiting to be notified.

Nowadays the era is demanding for high technological education. The 19th century was of steam and coal and 20th century of electricity and now the 21th century is of information technology. The old poor systems have been ignored, electricity got the place of coal and steam and IT got into it and snatched this century form electricity. Science developed though information technology. New devices are being invented, which are making the work of human very easy. Moreover, this modern century demands for professional generation, but our country still could not understand it. There is a huge shortage of technical institutes that leads the generation to the problems, such as poverty, joblessness and increasing the ration of unskilled descendants. That is also waiting to have a glance for the betterment.

The higher education tendency is poor. It is situated at the bottom of modern education ration. The total higher education rate is almost less than 3%. The administrative and political systems of the state are being run by the higher educated people and than they are the products of higher education institutes which also facing shortage and difficulties. Unfortunately, Pakistan from beginning lacks such people that caused it a crippling state in progressive field.

As Pakistan faces the problem of its fate such as shortage of higher educated people and also of institutes that led it to the failures. In this regard the failure of democracy in Pakistan is tamping first. Failure of democracy was due to the shortage of administrators and politicians caused a historical and social failure.

In history, the political and administrative history of quite period shows its image. In the history of Pakistan, we only sought dictatorship and failure of democracy, including of separation of a great portion of state, where the culture of Martial-law was nourished. And stability of such society in the quite 66 years period shows the entire society failure of Pakistan, those are the factors affected by higher education.

After the mentioning above problems now the pen returns to the governmental and non-governmental responsibilities which are responsible of such illiterate, unskillful-men and failed in historical and social field.

The state government is owner of all demerits and loss of merits. Every department lacks quality of administrators and adepts. In the era of ransom and sources including corruption there is no proper design for selecting the able administrators. Every government servant is not cordial to it duties and responsible to it. Corruption in educational field is common in government organization and also non-government organizations. The education fund in GDP of 2% goes directly to the pockets of corrupt people, being distributed stage by stage. The real fund used in education remains 0.2% of whole allocated 2% out of budget. In nutshell, the government and related factors have been failed in encouraging education.

Such dark and depressing condition of education causes enormous impacts on society and development the first impact is uncountable literacy rate and ever increasing problems. The second, society is getting power of record crime rate and lawlessness. The third and more powerful impact is injustice of every individual to other. The forth, which is unbelievable decreasing fame of the state that causes no trust of interaction community, a great loss for the state.

However, still it is time for the betterment of education by making reliable projects for promoting education opening new institutes will lead her to the prosperity.

Equity must be present in it and quality to be preferred. No determination between private and government institutes. Talented teacher, controlling and checking officers to be deployed, extra environment activities programs to give the nation about wrong and right, benefit and loss, recordable betterments in information technology field that can lead us to the evolutions and can differ the destiny of nation from darkness to the lightness and the international image of country cannot be effected and even nobody will interrupt in its own matters.


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