Menace to the Extinction of Balochi Language

Changaiz Baloch, Panjgoor

There are thought to be 6000 to 7000 languages currently spoken in the world, and by 2100 it is changaiz photoprophesied that 50-90% of the languages in the world will have become no longer extant. There are assorted mainsprings of evaporation of these endangered languages. If certain maneuvers are not taken beforehand, Balochi might be one of these extinct languages by the end of this century. Although, being spoken by almost 15 million native speakers around the world, it is yet in its retrogressive form.

Presently, Balochi language is in an unfortified predicament: pre-eminence of other languages in the region is one of the numerous grounds of its catastrophe. Balochi is spoken by and large in Iran and Pakistan, where the predominant languages are Persian and Urdu respectively; both of them have ascendancy over the other regional languages, consequently, Balochi is jeopardized to a large extent. The presiding languages have an adverse effect on our mother tongue, and its repercussions are quite evident in every sphere: business affairs, educational institutes and public places. The driving force of these domineering languages has affected the Baloch youth in particular; they are more partial to communicate in English, Urdu or Persian outside their homes.

None-implementation of new measures on the perpetuation of Balochi is detrimental to its prolongation, hence, it may be among one of the receding languages sooner or later. “Balochi Academy” is the sole regulating body of Balochi, which is inadequate for its longevity. Moreover, there is a lack of sufficient linguists laboring on the preservation of the old-fashioned terms and proverbs by making them in use, owing to the fact that, our imminent descendants will not be able to utilize them at all. Yet there is no any organization to carry out initiatives to get to work on the resuscitation of old phrases and expressions.

The widespread of illiterateness and poverty has incapacitated Balochi, that being so many of baloch are afflicted by social stigma: there is an evolution in the social behavior to affiliate to alternative languages or traditions to come into the possession of upper-class society. Baloch regions are the least developed in the world, where the literacy rate is exceedingly depleted. Furthermore, a few lettered baloch want to befit themselves to disparate customs to obtain a higher communal status, which is devastating our mother tongue, and the plight for its mushroom in the globe has mammoth reverberation that will eventually dwindle the native speakers of Balochi.

Although, Balochi is one of the nine official languages of Pakistan, the farce lies in not giving it the substance in the educational institutions; the officialdom are deficient to make it a compulsory subject at the school level, as a consequence, its literature and written works have been crippled. The people at the helm are not concerned to make it a part of our syllabus at least in primary sector; we cannot stop Balochi’s debasement. The utility of dated Balochi expressions and sayings is limited only with elderly people, whereas, the youth is ignorant about our customary language. Similarly, we are unaware of the most elemental forms of the language such as orthography. Therefore, to prolong its survival, the authorities should be pressurized to execute new course of actions.

Repression of a language in a particular region has always played the principal hand in a language’s dispersal. And, Balochi is enduring the very same complication; it is being suppressed and not given the availability of opportunities that could bring it to the universal caliber. Government gives an essential consideration to certain languages rather than Balochi even in Baloch territories: the businesses and trades are done in other languages, which is breathing into new problems for our native tongue. We live in a diverse village, where media plays an indispensable role in the enhancement of anything, but media is not exploring the questions of Balochi language in either regions of Baloch majority, and the whole of its unfavorable situation is oppressed and disguised.

The disinterestedness of people in the Balochi language has given rise to its decay. The deficiency of ample mechanism by the linguists is quite conspicuous. They are not using new procedures in the build-up to the language, and are behind their peers to take out Balochi from its staggering condition. Hence, the people of this age find it not intriguing to be drived towards it. In this era we have many scientific inventions and innovations having new terms, which is making the people especially Baloch youth enthusiastic in knowing new things. Therefore, our language is losing its appeal due to the transition of people’s interests. The language experts should take serious steps to tackle this matter; otherwise, the looming arena of Balochi language can be forecasted.

Balochi language has very extensive literary forms: poetry, folk tales, “Bathals” etc; they are of utmost import in ornamenting and beautifying it. The impact of the disappearance of Balochi will bring about the debacle of our culture, norms and values, which will be a tremendous loss for the nation. Not only will it hurt the Balochi culture, but it will also wipe out the cultural diversity of the world.


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