Nation boycott from election is great advancement: BSF

Bolan Voice Report

Baloch Salvation Front in its statement stated “Baloch Nation’s boycott from election is a historical achievement and referendum. Baloch Nation stood beside pro-independent thinker, even state used public opinion as crutch and on 11th May citizen were forced to vote but such fanciest attempt got failed. Baloch with courage stayed at home on voting day, which shocked occupant and her hired companies.”

In Balochistan, voting rate was below than 5 percent; hence this turnout testifies that Baloch Nation is not consented for anything less than freedom. The parliamentarian parties disown support of Baloch except handful people. Baloch Nation had verdict by boycotting that they had rejected these mentioned parties, because on voting the polling station had been deserted even call of these parties. Claimed in statement.

The claim, that few tribe or people raising slogan of separation is refuted by Baloch Nation boycott from state election and this also conveyed a massage to world that it is not war of any duke or tribal chieftain but it is national war, which base solely on freedom, and purely Baloch Nation has rejected anti-freedom, so this decision of national is not low worthy than victory though destination has not been touched. The nation’s disapproval to election is a great feat which credit does not go to any single party or group but this revolutionary slant has absorb in to nation due martyrs  sacrifices of armed groups. Political workers tireless strives on local and international levels, Baloch patriot intellectuals, writers and mothers sisters invocation molded history in this shape. Now in Baloch Nation a profound ideology of independency has deep and situation is causing erosion the occupant. In this glob no power can halt Baloch to gain its independent status mean independent Balochistan. Occupant is using violent and tortured method to deter or repudiate from demand from but nation is adherent with cause and generated spirit for paying sacrifice of lives. This great change in Baloch Nation also causes nervous hype. They have known that they have been rejected but freedom movement is being supported warmth. Claimed in BSF statement.

International media affirmed that in Baloch areas voting process was level of zero, but state media covering realities but as history presenting situation as partially which is condemnable act because this way they are stabbing the sacred profession journalism. In fact, state media has failed to telecast any footage that in Baloch area people are voting, but contradict to realities footage of Pashtoons of Quetta were telecasted. Whilst the print media performed its duties impartially and covered boycott of Baloch people from state elections.

The spokesperson of Baloch Salvation Front said this election process was a referendum and is enough to open eyes of United Nation and international world about Baloch Issue, where nationalist proclaim that their land is occupied by Pakistan against the consent of nation. The United Nation ought to consider the status of Balochistan as occupied and declare it war-zone with recognizing it as independent state. Entire world countries on humanitarian basis support Baloch Struggle on grounds of politics and moral. They should back the Baloch’s defensive struggle if independency.


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