By Atif Abid, Turbat

Many students are seeing invading in politics, in these days. Some are even member of different political parties. The reason of participation in politics by student is much discussed topic, currently. There are various views, whether students should take part in politics or not. Some plead in favor of the idea while others reject it outright. Politics as dealt and impressed here means active participation in political movements. Politics is to be differentiated from the regular subject of studies suppose political science.

In the case of India, students started participating in politics in the early stages of the freedom movement, after the formation of the Indian National Congress. The elderly people being busy with their bread-earning activities, political leaders started enlisting the support of the student among community. Being young and energetic, students were used by political arties to back them and support their cause. Students joined the political parties to back them in large numbers.

Student participation has certain disadvantages; mainly it is immense loss to students because of waste of their valuable time. Several students through participation in politics start indiscipline in institutes. This leads to grouping among students which has setbacks for interest of learners. Many students for these activities are rusticated from educational institutes. This politics mainly starts from the different student unions in college/university levels.

Now politicians are focusing to university level election to show their power, and dynamic some advantages aspects, too. First of all a student who starts actively participating in politics, generally develop positive qualities, like rhetoric. Several impressive leaders have got good speakers in their college days. In a democratic state it’s extremely useful if students know about up gradation of politics. Which gives them fine training in early stages.

What I feel students work is study not to join politics; they ought to after a proper level of age. There are diff ways for service of nation except politics. This debate will always continue in various ways.

Add Post To: Nobody worries about students taking part in good activities. The all too prevalent aversion to this particular activity indicates people have a strong distaste for politics, having stated the obvious let me go on state the not so obvious. Politics can be a good thing. Politics is like religion; it is very important, very difficult to change and generates strong emotions. The problem is simply how politics is played out in our country. Every ill that affects our society affects politics too. So the solution is not to run away from politics and the solution is expectedly hard to implement.  The answer is reform, reform needs reformers, reformers typically fight lonely battles and generally very few people are willing to fight such battles. But there is reason to hope as this article, the lonely righteous tries to demonstrate.

Saying that politics will affect studies and all is a lame excuse. If students do not enter politics, then how do u think is going run the country in the years to come.

I definitely think that educated people should enter politics. If a student feels that politics is their destiny then he should go ahead with it. I think India needs a lot of fresh politicians whose ideology is not the same as that of pre- independent India and about the political parties involvement.

Well those are some of the harsh realities of life. I think that students should face difficult situations in life in college itself so that he can be prepared for greater difficulties which are yet to come.


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