The new provincial Government determination

By Ahmed Khan

The provincial government also like its precedential postured in a TV program that it will solve AbdulMalikchiefministerBalochistanproblem of missing person and settlement of Baloch Issue in political way. National Party head and nominated Chief Minister Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch with his partner Hasil Bizenjo declared “Angered Baloch” to insurgents.

If we retrospect the Raisani forgone government of Balochistan, then before sworn for Chief Minister Mr. Aslam Raisani pledged that he would resolve Baloch Issue within three years and in case of failure will resign from post of CM, but couldn’t do anything and never left highest post of province, even during his era emergency was imposed but Mr. Raisani had gummed with power chair. Several time Mr. Raisani menaced to insurgents by saying that he would follow them to mountains on bases of tribalism. The insurgent welcomed Mr. Raisani challenge and said that if Raisani comes to mountains, then will find them opposite for combating. After that Mr. Raisani in that style never addressed to insurgents.

The main point is this that Dr. Malik and his partner Hasil Bizenjo can provide for what Baloch youth have gone to mountains. Lucidly it can be stated that they never can. They themselves know that Baloch youth have gone to mountains for freedom of Balochistan and this provincial or central Islambad’s parliament how can grant to them their object, while these are nurturing by Balochistan’s resources.

 These progressive or productions of BSO have great difference in statements. Dr. Malik says, “We can’t go ahead without resolving missing persons and mutilated bodies issue”. While Mr. Bizenjo says, “The missing persons and mutilated bodies issue is of center and Baloch separatists and it is not theirs.  So center and separatist should solve it”.

mir-hasil-khan-bazinjoMr. Bizenjo statement entails that he is not from Balochistan or lives in Balochistan but does not want to touch those problems which are not benefiting him. Or he does not want to get involved in such matter which in response does not provide wealth and luxuries.

The nominated Chief Minister knows well that his government will not be more powerful than its precedent’s, and  he knows that he can never solve problems of Balochs by this forum but can get wealth and incentives for his individual or specific group. He in his statement clarified that they will work in other sectors, like education, health and other are their preference. In fact, the catastrophic of Baloch Issue has engulfed entire Balochistan and it is most important problem to be solved, after that the region’s people lives will turn into prosper and cheerful.

Mr. Hasil Bizenjo is not consented to take responsibility of solving Baloch Issue, even he is not ready to confess as its problem, but he fleeing and declaring it matter of central government or military establishment and Baloch insurgents. It seems that Mr. Bizenjo is not worried about this slaying and abducting process of Baloch youth. And he has no pain for Baloch Missing persons. He considers valid the Chinese plunder of resources of Baloch, too and in his statements he hailed Chinese expansionism in Balochistan by replacing word “investment”.

In the perspective of these politicians and parties it can be analyzed that process of abducting and throwing of mutilated bodies will be unremitting in advent of regime. The ministers will have been inviting to Baloch insurgents for dialogues or capitulation but no one will be able to touch the reasons that why insurgency has commenced and what are the demands of insurgents. The past government and newly going to be formed government has a tiny difference that precedents government had label of tribalism and Mr. Malik and Hasil Bizenjo’s has progressiveness. Both governments are lacking mandate of masses and authority, too. They just came to earn wealth for themselves and they don’t have any authority for settlement disputes for what they are claiming.


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