The Passed Government

By Karim Shad Baloch

Pakistan People’s Party government ended but there exists an example, like when sunrises it raisanibrings a night, too against it rises and sets shining but the passed government set a dark history in Balochistan. Because, when it raised the public looked to have seen charming face of government but it did something gloomy for the resident of the state as well as the residents of Balochistan.

Certainly, the government emerged, not by the democracy but it appeared. Just by the “selection” of candidates, who enjoyed a lot came as there existed no name no fame for them but fame became known trustworthy leaders but they were not to be called patriots just turncoats. This considered not “election” but it looked totally regarding “selection” furthermore, the treacherous ministers who blackened everything.

The ended up government had the highest record of corruption which has ever been seen in the history of state. The corruption, took the morsels of bread from the mouth of paupers, and forced the poor to commit crimes, who shrieked for their rights abducted them and threw their dead bodies in Balochistan. Can it be called justice, never…………

The corrupt government finished the ratio of education in Balochistan demolished the merit, brought the unqualified  people on higher posts and those people who belonged  to poor families due to poverty could not access the posts. This injustice tuned the youth to start illegal works, namely thieving, target killing, disturbance, kidnapping and steeling things, robbery and so on. That is why situation became uncontrollable which is lingering on.

The PP’s or the dark face of government which allowed the powerful groups to give the poor Baloch to death. Even it locked or packed the voice of Baloch who demanded a drop of water, in result they imprisoned them, vanished them and after some months they gave their dead bodies as a gift in Balochistan.

The so called democratic government permitted the selfish ministers for corruption, what they could. Commit injustice as much they could? By nepotism what could they do? Take bribe as much they could. Kill the poor public what they could do? It means, the corrupt government closed all doors of life completely in Balochistan.

The alleged democratic government brought inflation in a huge percentage which can not to be  imagined this ferocity pushed the public to commit suicides, because there remained no other ways to pass life in this state and in Balochistan.

Lastly, the history of government created anarchy in every corner of state which nourished disturbance in a peaceful atmosphere destroyed the justice and brought injustice affairs. Moreover, through passed government worse kind of cruelties shocked the political leaders, doctors, teachers, lawyer, farmers, students, old man, women even all kind of people and the inhabitants of Balochistan became deprived even the intellectual people were kidnapped and their dead bodies were thrown on the roads. The thieves enjoyed, the kidnappers enhanced the corrupt got smooth ways to enter into corruption. Anyhow, the last grade of ferocity did not take place in the history of the world but which aroused in Balochistan.


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