Woes of Raskoh

By Gowaram Raskohi

Today I am here to write regarding the valley of Raskoh which was considered as heaven for its pic-RasKohnatives. The valley leis between Kharan and Chagai and occupied the generous area of Kharan with its mountainous range. To broach the topic it is pivotal to throw light on the significance of motherland. A motherland is a part of land which has emotional attachment with its people because this piece of land has awarded a lot of attractions in shape of water, shatter, natural resources and free place for cultivation. As the Raskoh is concerned, it was the place to enjoy the comforts of paradise in this world.

Moreover the people of Raskoh were obtaining bread and butter inside their village in from of agriculture, cattle and handmade works like embroidery etc. In addition the pure and clean water of fountains of Raskoh were not found anywhere else. There, the line is inadequate to admire the beauty of Raskoh once; the dark day was seemed in the ambience of Raskoh why the villagers were moving towards their daily routine. As woman for washing clothes near to well and octogenarians towards their own colleagues where they could share their innocent thoughts and ideas with each other whereas the youngster, some of them, left for cutting –woods and shepherds took the side of mountain with their herds. In the same accession, an announcement was brought forth by army personals to inform the people for leaving their homes within six hours. But unlucky, the villagers were unaware of under language was something catastrophic, something unique, something novel, and something which had no similarity with the other implosion of the world. The mountain was changed into found colors respectively, red yellow white at last black.

Similarly, the stone-made hems of downtrodden were collapsed rapidly, it was more powerful then earthquake and its intensity had no reason balance. People were ramming here and there, having the holy book and rosary in their hands and looking towards sky with screaming and awful faces, and were crying for their forgiveness to ALLAh Almighty but they didn’t know that their guilt is their innocence. It is known by everyone that the entire world is waiting for the day of resurrection but if you believe me this appalling day was being experienced by the people of Raskoh on one hand, PM Nawaz Sharif said that we had become one of the most powerful nation of the word in his speech and this day was celebrated as the day of takbeer but on the other hand, the innocent people of Raskoh were swimming in the river of adversities and calamities.

Still they are deprived of their basic necessities like, food, cloth, sheltie and health furthermore the mountains got the shape of sever famine and the greenery changed into yellow. In addition to it the child birth problems eave on the surfers and human skin were damaged a lethal Disease wrapped the valleys with tooth and nail. The cases were aroused as seemed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki which took much soul in their shakes. But that was done valiantly by the enemy and it was just an experience by the people who claim for their honesty and channel slogan of justice and equality. As it has been scrutinized that many of the nuclear weapons were tested in desolated area where the concept of human life was not identified.

But unfortunately, this population valley was destroyed and minor dreams were shattered. It is grievous, neither governmental organization nor non- governmental organizations came forward an help of these during the time of nuclear tests and their People have been thrown into abyss of sense of deprivation, pessimism and cynicism of the founds have been embezzled by politician drawbacks   who were engaged to operate the district. I being a villager of Raskoh request to the white mankind to come on the surface and omit the grievances and problems of victims.


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