Baloch nation and Balochistan; under Pakistan’s shadow

By Raza Baloch

All and sundry, who has power of thinking, is in the know about Balochistan and the needs of Baloch nation as well. Victim of injustice [Baloch nation] has been combating for the motherland since she was occupied by Pakistan. Although Balochistan had got her freedom on 11th August, 1947, and Pakistan turned into a state on 14 August in 1947, and captured Balochistan. Now it must be cleared that Balochistan was a free land for nine months.  Moreover; this land is very much rich by the dint of mineral resources. Nonetheless, the occupant [Pakistan] is giving just and just 0.7 million annually in return the mineral resources which are being taken out from Balochistan. Moreover; Pakistan is treating Baloch nation unfairly.

When we retrospect Balochistan and Baloch nationalism was started in 1920. At that time, in Russia Lenin was leading the revolution of Marxism. They were guiding the laborers of Russia for their dues. This revolution effected many countries of world. In 1930 Comrade Lenin convened many countries in Baku (it is nowadays the capital of Azerbaijan) which was a city of USSR. Comrade Misri Khan Marri joined that convention and represented Baloch Nation. Moreover, I mean to say that foundation of modern Baloch nationalism was laid in 1920, by Meer Abdul Aziz Kurd, who organized an organization named, Anjuman Ithaad Balocha’n.

On 27th March, 1948, Pakistani forces had invasion on Kalat palace and occupied Balochistan. Khan Ahmed Yar Khan didn’t duel with Pakistan, but Aga Abdul Karim dueled with the regime of Pakistan although he was brother of first Khan of Kalat. For seeking assistance, he went to Afghanistan. Nevertheless, Aoghanistan didn’t support him. Consequently; many Baloch fighters were killed, some of whom are: Malik Faiz, Babo Abdul Karim Shorish, Mohammad Hussain Hanqa and many more. Many of them were arrested by Pakistani forces. Furthermore; Babo Noroz Khan was also dodged by using the Holy Quran of Allah the Almighty.

The behavior of Pakistani establishment is bleak with Bloch nation. They are being killed everyday on their own motherland. The nation is receiving mutilated corpses, who are bored, fired and drilled. They are facing persecutions due to demand for their rights. Furthermore; since 2002 in Balochistan 17000 masses are abducted, 1200 mutilated corpses were thrown and 400 were killed by targeting.

When we talk about mineral resources of Balochistan then it is cleared that the Balochistan is rich with natural resources. The surveyors and Mining Engineers explored about 32 types of minerals in Balochistan; some of those found are: gold, copper, silver, natural gas etc. it is heartbreaking fact that the Balochistan , rich of mineral resources , has the highest line of  poverty [62.26] though the first right is Bloch nation’s that should get the resources of their own motherland. Moreover, Sui gas, which was discovered in 1952, but capital of Balochistan [Quetta] got this bestowment in 1986. MCC (Metallurgical Construction Company), a Chinese is taking out the mineral resources of Balochistan, takes 50% for her and gives 50% to Pakistan. Pakistan takes 48% and gives 2% to the owners of the land.

Finally, it is cleared that the occupant is behaving ruthlessly with Balochistan and innocent Baloch nation. Alas! Still there are many supporters who are in favor of occupant. In the light mentioned information, should we support occupant!

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