Baloch women

By Nail Shah Noor, Turbat

In this world women have an active role to make it gorgeous; abaloch_women (1) woman plays the role of a mother, sister, daughter, wife and etc. In place of mother she takes care of her children twenty-four seven. As a sister she must helps her siblings in every moment of life. Being a daughter she must obey on every order of her parent. In Baloch nation women have got a great respect in their society. They are being treated normally and they are making Baloch people heads up. It led no words to define that Baloch women are working for the service for Balochi culture such as like sewing Balochi embroidery which are the symbols of Balochi culture. The clothing of them is very much attractive and traditional which shows that how much respective or honorable they are. In common, they are very kind and very hospitable. They are different from the women belonging to other parts of country. It does not mean that they have one hand spare or they have four eyes, they are same as all women, but their life style and their patterns of thinking are different. They always think about their nation respect.

In Baloch history, we can see there were numerous events about Baloch women who fought the enemies and drove them out of their land. The example of Banadi Baloch who fought a warm war to save the name of Balochiat. If we take example of that Baloch woman whose husband was martyred in a battle, fought with occupiers until she met her maker. The brave Yasmeen baloch who didn’t think about her family or her life when the time came for her nation, she sacrifice her life for her mother land.  There are several examples of Baloch women who progress the balochiat of our nation.

If we talk about Baloch freedom fighters, then Baloch women are also struggling for that such as like Zareena marri, Banok kareema, and many more who are working for brightening the future of Baloch nation. They showed that still in hearts of Baloch women there is feeling about their pressed nation. They can bring awareness which can bring big big changes for the freedom of their mother land. It will be wrong to say that Baloch women are not aware about their nation enslavement. They have conducted lots of big big rallies in large amount of women against the government and mentioned that Baloch women have feeling for their nation enslavement.

They are backward in the field of music and other job working. It isn’t mean that they don’t love Balochi, music or other working fields of life rather due to some narrow-minded people who think that it will be a big shame for them that their females go out from home for working or do lesson or sing Balochi and other music. But the very scattered thinking of unkind people has kept the entire community of women backward, their talents are not in shown which is the biggest problem that creating not more interest about their mother tongue and land.

If we search more, then we can find more ideas about Baloch women that how they delighted the history or present area of Baloch nation.


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