BSO-Azad has strongly condemned killing of Baloch Academic

In a statement issued in newspapers, BSO-A spokesman has said Baloch Academics and intellectuals are being targeted under a systematic killing spree.

The attack that killed Prof. Abdul Razaq and critically injured his colleague Prof. Abdul Hakeem, took place near Chakar Khan Road when two masked men opened fire at them.

‘This is not the first time state agencies and death squads have prof.abdul_razaktargeted Baloch Academics. They want our upcoming generations to be left out of education’ the statement said. ‘They did the same with the Bangalis. On March 25th, 1971, Pakistani fighter jets bombarded Dhaka University that mercilessly killed hundreds of professors and thousands of students. Bangalis were targeted by army backed death squads like ‘Al-Shams’ and ‘Al-Badr’. Same is happening in Balochistan now but with different names’ the statement further said.

‘Prof. Abdul Razaq was a very humble and committed man who had devoted his life for educating Baloch youths. He always condemned the role of agencies and killer gangs. His sacrifices and memories will remain with us.’ the statement said.

(Courtesy to Sagaar)


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