China converges at Balochistan

By Ahmed Khan

The Comprador with selling labor of people sells the natural resources of a region, too. Comprador is that layer of Bourgeoisie and capitalists which survives on Imperialist capital. This pocket of people ever been brought in power by imperialist to secure its interests and increase imperialist-capitalist. Comprador can be called tout or agent of capitalist, it intrigues against its fellow nation to appease the master and never hesitates doing wrongful against its fellow nation by command of imperialist.

20130706_27China converted its economic policy in open market, instead of planned economy. Now it is creating colonies to sell its products there and extort raw-material from there, too. To accomplish this mentioned scheme she needs favoring agents in various regions. In this way, she is exploiting the nations but not individuals. So, it got certain that now she is an imperialist, but because of procuring some socialistic past or policies can be declared the Red-Imperialist.

 For controlling different areas, China got touts or compradors to exploit the underdeveloped nations which were kept poor, uneducated and deprived of technology by capitalist imperialists. Amongst such wretched nation and region the one is Balochistan.

In Pakistan, establishment for its joyful life erratically on various time made alliance with capitalist imperialist states by dodge that they are heavenly book holder and faith in God and so on. On need of time, it changed words that neighboring states are our friend whether it is atheist or non-believer in God.

Now the establishment by consent of China brought such people in power who will never defiance her whether trample on their national interests. In center Mr Nawaz Sharif and in Balochistan Dr Malik Baloch have crown on heads by condition that they will welcome China in region and canvass for her, additionally. The Balochistan province is convergence of China, because from here she can send its products to world and from same region she is extracting the raw materials and enjoying by Saindak project. The main sea-port Gwadar has been handed over to her. The RecoDick agreement had been voided purely for giving it to China which is a huge wealth deposit and for a long-period can nourish the huge Chinese population, too.

Mr Nawaz and Dr Malik Baloch visited China to invite her with companies, and made agreements but objective or main agenda of five days long visit of both Pakistani officials was Balochistan. The Pakistani Prime Minister and his Chinese counterpart Li Kqiang signed seven understanding of memorandums; the prominent agreement among all is the road link from Kashger to Gwadar which is dubbed as China Pakistan economic corridor.

About mentioned project Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that this project would be “game changer” in the region. It is possible he was indicating that US and India have coalition in trade and military equipments chapters, will be challenged or foiled by this road link significance. The China will carriage its products to Gwadar and further will supply by shipment to world markets and will adorn future crown on its head.

Here in Balochistan after a prolong series of misbehaviors caused resurrection of separation movement and state is unable to wipeout it.  Several state officials released various statements, like a dictator said, “We have cut the tree and now these leaves and twigs will dry-out spontaneously”. This movement of separation survived more than twelve years and after each passing day its potency is getting strengthened. Now policy makers perceived that it is very serious issue and they have also taken measures to constrain it. The new army doctrine is solid evidence about this. Even state machinery full-swing its power but couldn’t wipeout the movement from face of earth. And this is main hurdle in the way of projects implementation on ground.

During his visit Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that Pakistan will continue its support to China for combating ‘three evils’ of extremism, terrorism and separatism. Mean, Pakistan will not support the Islamist of Turkistan ETIM (East Turkistan Islamic Movement). It will not support terrorist of Tibet’s Bhudists. And also will not support the Taiwan for separation from China, but contradict to those will be united with Chinese government to counter those movements. In response Chinese imperialist will support to Pakistan to counter Baloch Separation Movement in Balochistan.

Pakistan is a Islamic state and everywhere deals all things on base of Islam but it is opposing the Islamist of Turkistan. It is its history that erected Islamic movement of Talban and in Kashmir engaged with India on base of Islam, but in China declared Islamist with evil, it is bizarre!

The Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Malik Baloch and his party members are asking for support to everyone to tackle the non-parliamentarians. He may sought same support from Chinese for countering the rivals, to whom they declared non-democratic and fundamental, who are protecting their land from imperialist.

China has focused only Balochistan to exploit its coast resources and with same intention brought comprador in power by collaboration of establishment. These are puppet and string is in hand of imperialist behind the curtain. The projects signed, like counter separatists in Balochistan and Kashgar (A town of Chinese province Xiang) to Gwadar 2500 KM road link and these are not in favor of here’s Baloch people but only will benefit Red-Imperialist China and here a layer, the comprador.

Other signatures, like 200 KM tunnel was called economic corridor, and power generating likewise agreements inking in media were eye-wash or flaunting on mutual combating agreement the Separation in Balochistan and handing over the resources to Red-Imperialist.


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