Democracy in Pakistan

Democracy is said to be the best form of government in the present world. It is the government which is of the people, by the people and for the people. In a democratic state, the common people have the power to form the government.

As far as democracy in Pakistan is concerned, it is just a democratic by name. As we go through the history of Pakistan, we can find that no government could complete its five years of democracy except the recent government of PPP. After every two or three years of democratic government Martial Law had been impose by different chiefs of army. Sometimes, it was General Yahiya Khan was establishing army rule in the country and other times General Zia ul Haq had played the role of dominator and dethroned Z.A. Bhutto by accusing him of inefficiency.

Let me clarify one thing that government led by PPP can’t be called a democratic one. For it does not come upon the requirement of a democratic government. It was said to be for the people and by the people but as a matter of fact, it was by the corrupt leaders and for the foreign agencies.

The recent elections in Pakistan were meant to stabilize democracy but those were so much engrossed by corruption that it would be against the rules to call them democratic election, so is neither the government of PML-N a democratic one. Such kind of government is a fox in the sheep’s clothing which is mere a betrayal to the common people but not democracy.

By Fatima Baloch


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