Discrimination with disabled persons

By Sagheer Sagar, Turbat

The word disability may seem easy to define, but too tough for the handicapones who have been suffering from this incurable disease and lost the optimism of possessing a prosperous living standard due to the enormous handicaps and impediments which have been created by our most civilized and so called society. A physically challenged individual not only undergoes through the discrimination of today’s members of the society, but are also dreadfully confines to accept what people think about them. It is disgusting to find them neglected every realm of life, included, health care, education, job opportunities, bureaucrats, legislation and a lot of more.

Surprisingly to mention that physically challenged persons number is increasing with passage of time. According to the UN estimation approximately there exists 500 million disabled Persons today in the world and the calculation may keep one muddled that nearly out of this total mentioned static figure at least 20 million are the inhabitants of Pakistan which is far behind for the provision of fundamental needs and facilities to the disabled persons.

In addition, a comprehensive policy should be introduced to give them per share in jobs. No doubt, in 2006, it was announced that two percent quota would be given to the physically challenged people in government and private jobs, but this notification can only be found on the beautiful pages of the constitution, but hard to have it practically utilized.

Pakistani society might have been expecting much from the newly elected government after the election of May 11, as each party was having its own appreciable manifesto, but rarely one could be found talking about the prosperity and rights of physically challenged individuals.

However, it is fair to say that they are equally the part of the human society as the other ones are. A widely phrase has been eminent regarding the disabled people that they have been being called as “Special persons of the society”, this has been remained a joke for them. It is highly time the new elected government started a robust policy to make the disabled persons enjoy every facility and comfort of today’s life. The outbreak of such an action can be done by providing them proper education, health care, scholarships for studying abroad, job opportunities and a lot of more which can only prompt them to be special for the society. Hope the above mentioned points will be observed deeply.


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