Exacerbated status-quo of Nushki

Naeem Ahmed Jamaldini, Nushki

There is no iota doubt that Nushki was a peaceful city. But after the imagessudden killing of two FC-men in JAZZ Franchise, situations got worsened. In the backlash of two frontier corps death, forces started kidnapping of innocent people. Forces abducted shopkeepers, among of them six Hindus were including. Shaheed Haq Nawaz’s uncle and cousin were abducted, too. Further, more six people were kidnapped from killi Jamaldini.

A trade union called for shutter down strike and all shops remained close for five days consecutively. Trade union concocted not to end strike unless their fellow shopkeepers aren’t to be released. At length, they compelled to end their strike. Intractable forces once again started hostility toward trade union, and kidnapped some of them. After that once again Nushki city remained closed.

Under a conspiracy the peaceful Nushki’s situations are deteriorated. There was some sort of paranoid schizophrenia prevailing among masses. And every common man feels himself precarious in Nushki. Where’s justice is that, none of the kidnapped person was proven guilty. After a long remand and investigation, the above discussed people were acquitted. They were mentally and physically tortured ruthlessly. Complains were registered against these innocent people were based on personal animosity. Their antagonist coveted to enmesh them through complaining and doubting of their involvement with armed forces.

I have gone through the constitution of Pakistan thoroughly but I didn’t see in any article, if someone is criminal before law, so it should be kidnapped. Rather the criminal should be produced before courts, and be dealt according to the law. Forces are not allowed to disappear the masses in the light of Pakistani constitution. As the chief justice of Pakistan said “Forces themselves are violating the Pakistani constitution” Certainly, forces are not authorized to kidnap an outlaw even on their behalf except following codes of law or constitution.

If someone has not committed a crime, he is kidnapped and tortured severely, hence this is absolutely unjust and violation of law, too. A senior analyst Hamid Mir once said in an interview during TV program “table talk’, if any person who kidnaps, tortures or decomposes anybody is also the enemy of Pakistan.

The newly elected government of Balochistan, in spite of worse situation CM Dr. Malik says, “Situation of Balochistan has been improved than before”. Masses are optimum to the newly elected CM of Balochistan to have put hindrance of kidnapping and extrajudicial killing but they are just enhancing their weaknesses and mistakes. Because Dr.Malik and any other minister didn’t take notice of worse situations in Nushki. Albeit, masses consider them their anchor_ sheet.


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