Is it a crime to be a woman?

According to a survey, at least 100,000 women are believed to have been raped in Berlin, based on surging abortion rates in the following months and contemporary hospital reports, with an estimated 10,000 women dying in the aftermath.

Recently proposed a package of measures to curb sexual violence against women in the aftermath of the shocking gang rape of a student in a bus in Dehli, where with regard to women or to women rights they were deferent.

Now the issue of gender equality is openly discussed in Britain and laws have been passed which help to maintain equality. This has not always been the case. During the whole of the nineteenth century, women did not have political rights though there were some movement in other areas to advance the rights of women in 1839, a law was passed, which stated that if a marriage broke down and the parents separated, children under even years of age should stay with their mother. In 1857, women could divorce their husbands who were cruel. In 1891, women could not be forced to live with husband unless they wished to. In 1870, women were allowed to keep their money they had earned. These were very important laws, which advanced the rights of women. In 1928, women were given the same political right as men. Nearly 800 million illiterate people in the world are women. Five hundred thousand women die every year from childbirth complications that’s one woman every minute, according to UN.

 “No tool for development is more effective than the empowerment of women.” There is saying in Ghana “If you educate a man simply you educate an individual but if you educate a women you educate a nation.”

Furthermore, women are underestimated everywhere, whether that is with regard to employment, equal rights or other activities. I want to ask this question to government that is it a crime to be women. In addition, government should listen and provide equal rights to both genders.

Nabila Meher, Turbat


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  1. nice article that has respectively described “WOMAN”

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