Mobile Phone is not for us

By Adnan Akhtar

Science is dearly sorting out to cheer and facilitate the human life mobile phoneby helpful inventions, on the other hand some inventions have taken away the contentment of masses singularly of underdeveloped or immature nations rather than facilitating and rendering comforts some certain scientific inventions have created turbulences, disorders, turmoil and unpunctuality in them, affected the religious dogma, cultural honors and social norms.

The nations or communities that can’t make out the positive implementation of something they really don’t deserve to use it. The advance nations strive to facilitate the underprivileged communities in order to make the life more prosperous but they instead of benefiting themselves deteriorate their environment by exploiting these inventions negatively.

One of the monstrous inventions for such community is “Mobile Phone” which has enveloped the entire glob and considered a major hand in the daily life, without it we sense an organ of our body is missing. We forget our watch, wallet but never overlook to clench the mobile phone before going away.

Suppose if mobile phone was not invented, wouldn’t we be surviving?

Would our accessories be limited?

We would be of course living with another manner but more comfortably and prosperously, with confined facilities but would be enjoying them immensely.

Mobile phone has affected our religious dogma and it has created ample of disturbances in our prayers. In the recent past  when went to the mosque we discovered  “Entry Dua” written on the main entrance to be recited before entering but today we find inscribed “Please switch off your mobile phones:  before entering….. Isn’t it very uncanny? Even still many folks ignore it and don’t switch off their mobile phones and bind the hands for the prayer. A very disturbing ground for the worshipers when it rings with a disgusting song tone which certainly turn out to be the sort of earning sin rather than praying assiduously and agreeing Almighty Allah.

Terrorism has expanded due to Mobile Phones; executing anything any time has become awfully accessible. when to hold a meeting, how and where to plant a bomb, and when exactly to explode it, bygone days committing a crime at the appropriate point was ineffective, today this scientific monster has strengthened the terrorists network due to apt communications.

It has as well disintegrated the very respectful traditions by affecting the honorable cultures of certain nations. Females are considered the most honorable parts of a society, their attitude; ethics, limitations raise the heads of the family members by pride and now since this hideous invention has come up in such homes or societies several polite societies have had their culture stability and social norms vanished owing to the unfair contacts of the females with unacquainted people and performing disgraceful feats…..

Even educational institutes have not lingered from the infection of this epidemic. A student deliberately doesn’t reach the classroom in the early hours he considers if the teacher comes  the friends will text me via mobile and so I rush towards … and while the teacher is teaching a lot of  students are hectic in forwarding messages to the friends  informing them that the class has begun. Hereby the students who are present are bothered and the students who reach belatedly disturb the entire class. Decorum of the study environment of the class will be totally wiped out.

An employee doesn’t go to office on time realizes that on condition the boss comes or there is a want of me my coworker will call me on my mobile phone so I arrive at the spot hastily and it happens frequently when he reaches the meeting or the task has already been accomplished.

Children are immeasurably involved in games on mobile phones .they have neglected the study and the daily school/homework, in our days the mobile has become a deadly reason to decline the eye sights of kids as they use mobile phones in dark rooms or places.

 Conclude to say when the mobile phone was not invented the lifestyle of some certain masses were more thriving and striking. Prayers were more sturdy and attentive. The terrorists hardly ever had perfect consequences from their plans.  The females of definite families were unaware of the outside narrow environment. Students were very obedient and punctual during the class; they strived to reach earlier in classroom because there was no any source to inform them about the teacher arrival. An employee reached office at the nick of the time that there a task must not be missed in my absence. Children passed their leisure time in reading stories or having physical exercises.

Note: This write-up underlines merely some certain communities.


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