Realities that lay behind the bars

By; Banuk Mahzaib

SCRUTINIZE WHAT SO EVER TOUCHES YOUR SENSE OFziarat residenty CONGNITION because that might become the only reason clicking the sense to inspect whither it is in its unreformed form or not, unusually things happen around us let us cogitate sometimes but not in usual what for this is so, it is so because we are senseless and don’t have capability to go through an investigation that resultantly let anyone be able to transparently know about that strange thing has kept us perplexed sporadically. Very currently there have been such intolerable incidents turned out which were inhumane in their real sense and against the rights of humanity such as the attack of blowing up the bus of SBK university slaying more than 23 students majority of them were Baloch in the capital city of Balochistan.

How could this happen is realistically eviscerating the victims and relatives has no limit, took the lives of innocents whose parents and brothers are shedding severely over losing them and it hurts to hear that not only they have been targeted and the hospital as well taken into siege where the injured have taken to hospitalize by same group of militants killing and injuring  many more.

It was the time of afternoon when militants exploded the bus of SBK carrying students from university to their homes, has utterly razed the bus and the surrounding around which was turned red with scattered things of the innocent students. The dead and injured were taken to a nearby Bolan hospital, which was then stormed by gunmen and suicide bombers, who took the entire complex in hostage and siege which continued to hours cordon, before the authorities took control taking the life of a bureaucrat, doctor and 4 nurses and later Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a sadistic Sunni sectarian organization claimed responsibility of the assaults. This group is influenced by al Qaeda and works closely in collaboration of Pakistani establishment, has been the unfasten culprit of Hazara sect as killing them fiercely to intensify the sectarian conflicts and widen the gaps more to allow various sects show their angriness to lay them in the list of those Muslims have worsen the name of Islam. it was involved in the carnages had brutally slain the people of Hazara sect before some months collectively taking the lives of more than 500 individuals and it has been always seen the pilgrims on the way to their sacred places targeted at Mastung or elsewhere.

 Lashkar-e-Jhangvi’s this very new intrigue of killing the Sunni is SOMETHING that indicates towards many secrets beyond some one’s limitations and it has been many times observed to envisage, this vicious is in real not an attempt to call the Europeans the most aggressive rival of Islam whither the antagonistic task of mass murder of Sunni by Sunni goes very profound in the hands of those open handed organizations seem free to carry on their plots of atrocities in entire Balochistan. This brutal carnage thumped the families to meet their beloved dead bodies who had pledged a lot to do for their aged parents in future. On the day after Ziarat residency attack this was an assault has been denounced by secretary general of UN Boon Ki Moon and assure be present side by side with those suffers but on the other side none wanted to think very deeply that what for this Sunni organization is now targeting their own sect individuals.

 Is not something hidden that punch our thoughts?

After the attack on Quaid’s last residence, Interior Minister of Pakistan, Chaudhry Nisar had claimed that the residency had been attacked by five militants, who had removed the Pakistan flag and raised the flag of BLA in its place. According to media reports three rockets propelled grenades slammed into the heritage Quaid Azam Residency in the hill town of Ziarat in the early hours of the morning. Was it not revenge from them because the founder’s last abode has been blown up under whose country’s umbrella they have given a plan of bloodshed?  The bloodshed in its new form of harassing the Baloch community because the organization razed the abode of Pakistani founder often claims for the safety of Baloch land and its countless resources. it probably seems a move to aware them it was an assault to let everyone knows they are the chunk of people can resist when there happen an unusual disaster to harm their heritage in the form of Ziarat Residency.

The most prominent anchor person and analyst Hamid Meer said in a program of him that there have been the hands of establishment in such conspiracy to tackle down the chair of nationalists in history of provincial cabinet so it might become a mark of that exaggerating the situations in Balochistan to let the government of Baloch leader Doctor Abdul Malik fall down and later he said the intelligence has its open hands to worsen it by taking away the Baloch youth accompanies by throwing their mutilated dead bodies afterward. Here Hamid Meer might become erroneous to say like that because in open secrets it was a move from those militants to cool their souls after the insolence of their leader’s last habitat in Balochistan. It clarifies this sadistic organization runs under the umbrella of all those fronts had disclose some interests to fight against Baloch and their organizations attempting to persuade a plan of free land.

Ahead this has undoubtedly allow anyone’s sentiment to think when Unknown miscreants hurled a hand grenade at the house of renowned Baloch poet Mubarak Qazi Baloch in early hours of Thursday morning leaving his wife seriously injured accompanying by his house destruction. Baloch leaders including all those underground organization has expressed disapproval of it and said  the act of this brutality has perplexed every Baloch to feel shocking thoughts over it as declaring it an assault on over all nation,  Mubarak Qazi is not only an intellectual person, he is a very well known  Baloch poet who always scholarly tries to transparent the things using the power of his pen which comes in duty of literary persons to point out anything of their society.

According to details the assailants targeted the house of Baloch poet in Fish Harbor Colony in Pasni area of Balochistan. Mubarak Qazi Baloch successfully remained safe as he wasn’t present in his home at the time of attack whereas his wife has been seriously injured. The attackers lobbed a hand grenade at the house which exploded with a big bang and heavily damaged one room and other parts of Mubarak Qazi’s home. So what towards these things indicate after the demolition of Pakistani Quaid’s last abode?

The Pakistani security forces detained Baloch national poet, Mubarak Qazi many times as being a famous poet of Balochi language and now this seems another proceed of keeping the literary persons be frightened and dilapidated.

Sources say that he was receiving threats from pro-establishment parties and Pakistani security forces long ago and they showed a sort of brutality on occasion of their founder’s residency abolition. No doubt none can tolerate such move of infringement towards their national hero, Mubarak Qazi as being one of the notorious personalities in Baloch society has very great reverence so everyone has demonstrated their hatred feelings over the ruthless attack on his home.

Baloch leaders,Doctor Allah Nazir and Hair Beyer Marri has openly declared it revenge after the destruction of Pakistani founder’s residence and condemn it with very unsympathetic wordings.

What views would you be having in your minds, is not a tat for tit in its real sense?


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