RecoDick Project a meat-piece between carnivores

By Ahmed Khan

A huge deposit of precious minerals, situated on Tehtyan belt in Balochistan. On rudimentary level it was given to a Australian mining company, (BHP) but said company could not develop it due to lack of experiences and other technical reasons. Afterward it was given to Korean Tehteyan by legal course. The Tehteyan Company with Partnership of a Canadian company Antaphogota ventured this project in area on ground; work was launched for exploration pits had dug to extract minerals.

malik and nawazThe mentioned company was assigned task of exploration a vast area but it couldn’t meet given task in framed time. The company spent 40 million Dollars for exploration and excavation pits and others jobs. The continues work and investment manifests the sincerity and firmness of company.

The previous Raisani government was pushed to case against the Canadian Company to evict from project and Balochistan. Because after years, the international and Geo-Politics has varied and Pakistan’s intentions also got changed. Now it is favoring China instead of western states, because of distrust and suspension of aid to her. The establishment has given the control of Gwadar deep sea-port to China after enjoyment of Saindak project.

The National Party provincial government is following on the footsteps of Raisani government and proclaimed for formation of joint Working Group with central government. The Raisani government also on the directions of establishment by help of court voided contract with Canadian company to throw this huge wealth deposit in lap of China. And Dr Malik Baloch ever vociferated for protection of Baloch resources and severely criticized on previous Provincial Government for giving the resources to others.

The National party claims for being a nationalist, progressive and non religious political forum but it is negating from its basic essence. Suppose, it supports theocratic state that’s  formation is on religion, mean two nations theory and this ever worked to crush progressive school of thoughts and implemented its religious agenda. This party also bolstering religious fundamentals in shape of Sardars, outdated tools merely remaining in power and getting wealth for individuals. NP is posturing distorted facet of nationalism including politics. By now it is assisting establishment to confer Baloch wealth to China.

The Working Group and other bogus projects are flaunt and nothing else. The Reco Dick is a piece of meat between carnivores, because on the other hand the Canadian company announced to lodge the case in international forum in February, 2014. The discussed company has stance that it had spent $ 40 million in this project and never will allow to anyone further exploit it. It is sure, the America and other European states have influence on International Arbitration Forum and never will give decision in favor of China or Pakistan. If here’s power can extract favoring verdict, so why they can’t? The Recodick got a shape of piece of meat between China and Multinational Companies. The joint working group’s formation is only valueless media exaggeration of federal and provincial National Party government.


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  1. Jahanzaib JX, Noshki

    Dear Bolan Voice Publishers,
    Greet salutation,
    I really feel privileged to leave a comment for your every article, it is entirely an immense pleasure to me to regularly read your articles and letters to the editor which are doubtlessy great means of getting improved and updated with the current situation happing in Balochistan. I am writing an article on “Hope for the Baloch Nation” which may take some days to be completed, and I hope that you will publish my article in your magazine as I am writing the article on hope. So, I am also hopeful….
    Thanking you!

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