Shaheed Ustad Nazir Ahmad Marri

By Wahid Bukhsh Baloch

In human society a teacher has a high respect and place, an master naeerz marriInstructor and teacher is the founder of tomorrow’s offspring, making up and spoiling of lives and behaviors As well.  this spiritual father has a great role that is the reason anywhere the name of a teacher comes would be paid by a huge reverent, when someone asked Socrates that in between parents and teachers whose place is higher

Socrates responded that teachers place is higher” when he has been asked how is that?

Then he replied” parents born offspring and bring them from heaven to earth where is teachers instruct children with their knowledge and help them ascent from earth to the heaven”

In Baloch society a teacher has some sort of respect as Baloch teachers with their day and night struggle providing the Baloch students a jewelry like education to resist and revolt against foes for the sake of nation and land to keep the entire nation away to educational foes, however Baloch instructors are trying their utmost to educate the Baloch students. Among them one name is Ustad Nazir Ahmad Marri.

He was born on 4 April 1955 at khudadad road Quetta at home of Muhammad Murad Marri. He was belonging to a poor family and secured his primary education from Government Central high School Quetta. Moreover for further higher education he secured admission in university  of Balochistan and did his B.A, B Ed and MA, when in 1985 Khair Buksh along with Marri tribe migrated towards Afghanistan after passage of a very little movement Master Nazir Ahmad Marri accompanying by some Baloch has departed to meet Khair Buksh, on the way to Afghanistan they have been disappeared  and other companions of him got martyrdom on the way, approximately, after one year of disappearance they have been brought to disclosure from the inhuman Camps of Pakistani forces in a very Critical Condition and  members of his family were not able to recognize him and after being for long in prison he has been released . Master Nazir Ahmad Marri, was serving as a school teacher for previous 32 years and Currently he was serving his duty as the voice principal of Government high school Killi Shehkhan. Alongside this he was the personal domestic affairs dealer of Baba-e-Freedom Khir Baksh Marri.

General Preveez Mushraf as taking oath of regime justice Nawaz Marri has been killed during this time Master Nazir Ahmad Marri with other friends Belonging to Marri tribe have been arrested, after three Months under the custody of CIA, he was brought to open eyes and then transferred to central Jail hudda, through 16 MPO he was kept in Central jail for 6 month and following the punishment he along with other tribe members released from the jail.

After this thirdly Ustad Nazir Ahmad Marri on 17 Novermber 2005 arrested in that time when has announced his school result and he was on the way to school by reaching on the Saryab Pattak the Pakistani intelligence authority abducted him to their unlawful camps and transferred to different torture cells where he has been torturered  Physically and Mentally, for almost one Month and half he was facing the atrocities of establishment and lastly owing to his Critical Condition shifted to CMH where after Examining doctors said due to antagonistic tortures and injuries he could not be any more cured here so that resultantly Pakistani Intelligence Authorities took Master Nazir Ahmad Marri to Qaid Abad Police Station and intentionally to allowed him to face the illegal lawsuit.

 First Master Nazir Ahmad has been brought to ATC court where the court has rejected the trail after which the case has been shifted to session Court that allegedly ordered the release of Master Nazir Ahmad after the passage of two Months. Sometimes ago, on 2 November 2006 Master Nazir Ahmad as usually serving his responsibility in the school during the times of duty in the classroom in front of the Staff teachers and Students has been abducted by the Pakistan Intelligence authority and  in spite of a continuous strike and protest from schools students after 6 days with brutal signs of torture he has brought from underground cells to open eyes and was released on joint road.

Master Nazir Ahmad on his interviewed to an international Medium said that I am a government servant and being in touch with Khair Baksh Marri so that I am being punished and Pakistani intelligence during the times of Custody Continuously tried to force me that quit accompanying Khair Baksh Marri. So that could accept every difficulty and dark with his open eyes.

At lastly, foes could not tolerate the loyality of Ustad Nazir Ahmad Marri to BaBa-e- Qoum.  this reverend Baloch in spite of bowing his head towards them stood stead fast and compete with every one as regarding his sincerity to the Motherland. Enemies as considering him a huge bottleneck in front of them indiscriminately opened fire of bullets on 19 June 2012 on Tuesday when he along with his Children on Khair Baksh Marri street coming out from home and was about leave to school on Arabab Kram Khan Road, the bullet fired hit his face and head which led him to his eternal abode.


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