Symbols of change in Balochistan

By Akram Jamaldini

Generally Balochistan is called golden bug. As it famous due its noushkistrategic location. Its highest mountains are the symbol of our determination. It sand deserts expose our modernity and enlightenment.

Meanwhile, Balochistan is also a breeding ground of renowned personalities. One can find brave knights, dukes and historical warrior and conqueror in this land.

A part from these same leading personalities also emanated us the shape of dynamic and vibrant politicians, veteran writers and poets. Though Balochistan has always lagged behind in education due to lack of institutes. Amid backwards these learned man made their presence in all walks of life.

They felt the feelings of their miserable masses. Consequently, they roused consciousness among them. They awoke the drooping nation from slumber. They apprised the people of their internal and external enemies. They also raised voice against the so called sardars and nawabs. They infused a new spirit in Balochistan. They tried their utmost to create a serene atmosphere here in Balochistan. They tempted Baloch to get higher education. Moreover, they also developed Balochi literature and poetry. Since their reign baloch has began knock at the door of triumph.

Luckily, mostly these profound personalities hail from District Nushki. It is matter of pride for their locality. You may not have forgotten that Aazath Jamaldini, Mir Gul Khan Naseer and Mama Abdullah Jan Jamaldini who have done a lot in the progress of Baloch Nation. However history witnesses several writers who have proactively dedicated their pen in order to take their nation to the peak of success and prosperity.

In addition, it gives me pleasure to mention that their role can’t be ignored for the development of Baloch nation because they had worked tirelessly shoulder to shoulder with politicians to overcome the dreadful issue of Balochistan.

There exists an old sentence that an educated man can make a better society. Because he is the one who guides our young generation towards a shinning path of success and development. Undoubtedly, Aazath Jamaldini, Gul Khan Naseer, Yousaf Aziz Magsi, Mama Abdullah Jan Jamaldini, and Abdur Rehman ensured their essence in every field of life.

The aim of struggle was not merely to secure a piece of land but also institute equality, Justice, harmony, religious tolerance and a secular setup. For which they faced threats & even languished in state dungeons. Though they were progressive & Liberal. Therefore, they had succeeded to a considerable degree in bringing a remarkable change among Baloch masses. Even these icons are still considered as beacon light in our vicinity. Resultantly many libraries, Academies and other institutes still exist in their name.

In a nutshell, they are role model for us their task oriented and achievement oriented personalities should be named as our Rousseau, Voltaire and Montesquieu. I also hope, Baloch would carry forward their delightful thought.


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