With complicated issues

Mahzaib Murad Gichki, Turbat

It has been observing that the largest province of Pakistan is truly deprived and dispossess from its fundamental needs, well, this topic has been debated but the solution hasn’t been founded so far.

However, we have new elected chief minister Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch may he rebuild the Baloch nation. As his interviews and his speeches about progressive, likewise he mentioned that recovering of the missing persons and corpses, while he also made overtures to separatists urging them to adopt the path of his dialogue. It is a great harbinger of the extremely, complicated challenges ahead that as new elected government prepares to take the reins, of torturing, abducting and mutilated bodies, of Baloch but still mutilated bodies are turning up in Balochistan. It is much flaunted that Baloch in margin line it can convert its gloom and dismal present page into optimism ducted government is given the freedom by the establishment to continue the political process. The regime, may counter devils and great harbingers with these complicated issues.

Dr. Malik something strange he asked that he wants all the elements on the negotiation table and to pursue them to accept his dialogue. The leader Dr. Allah Nazar says “We appreciate dialogue, but (only) in the supervision of the United Nations. Brazenly, we are not going to sit on the negotiating table with the state of Pakistan. The separatists have rejected the possibilities of talks with the government. He questioned Dr. Malik government’s claim to representing the Baloch nation?. It is equally frustrating that the media has been portraying the new ruling party in Balochistan as a nationalist party, which is not true. They are federalist parties and they are serving interests of the state they are puppets of the state. They have always worked against the Baloch freedom movement. Bodies of five missing Baloch were found in Quetta and some other areas of Balochistan, the day when Dr. Malik was shown in as the Chief Minister. Many analysts have interpreted it as a warning for the agencies to stay confined to his own territory.

Whereas, Dr. Malik promised for bringing peace in Balochistan it is so long and a tough road for him. It is a saga event for the nation. Although the bundle of hurdles may not be eradicated but can be sophisticated. The current rulers are churning out their enthusiasm by pointing out the separatists. In addition, grim circumstances, which are not correct mention, actually rulers are in insistence with the Baloch and not having a progressive deal to continue their task and accomplish the livelihood of the public.

Apart from this, Balochistan is in crossroad since Balochistan was merged with Pakistan. It has a broken infrastructure and undeveloped literacy rate which is signaling the corrupt regime. Poor needy people are being poorer and rich is being richest then how the one can judge that this state have a great role to play but it isn’t being played its own role. Its scouring greatly depends upon the regulator of the country.

They would take the issue to overcome rather tackle the solution will be represent the whole country.


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