An interview with Mir Asad Ullah Baloch, General Sectary BNP-Awami

Interviewed by Baloch Khan

How do you see current political scenario of Balochistan?

Balochs are democratic, educated and well aware of national and international politics. assad ullah balochCurrent political scenario of the Balochistan resembles with cloudy picture. In this country, democracy always has been under the threat and it was witnessed during 11th May, 2013, elections. Political system in Balochistan is paralyzed because of visible factors which always repelled true mandate of Baloch people.

What is difference between National Party and Balochistan National Party (Awami)?

Very interesting question, BNP-A is only party in Balochistan which is endorsed by heart of here’s people. We consider politics our faith and practice it as worshiping. National Party is hypocrites’ horde without mandate, but backed by invisible hands rather it has poor people support. And said party leaders are unable to face the public.

Do you think election commission of Pakistan (ECP) conducted fair and transparent voting process during election-2013? 

The elections of 2013, is the worst process of Pakistan’s history. Establishment fully supported the National Party in Baloch areas whilst Pashtoon Khuwa Milli Awami Party was supported in Pashtoon areas. ECP had failed to conduct free and transparent voting process. The real mandate was neglected in Balochistan.

What is level of facilitating to Baloch masses by Parliamentarian Politicians?

Parliamentarian politicians protect the fundamental rights of Baloch people by providing education, health, agriculture facilities and maintaining peace. We should be broad visional politicians. Everyone in parliament should struggle for melioration of Baloch.

Without caring will of Balochs’ Mega-Projects in Balochistan are being launched, like Gwadar-Port’s handing over to China and Iran – Pakistan gas pipe line?

Without caring will of Baloch people the Islamabad and Punjab never can launch any mega project. Balochs do not allow such bloody projects. Prior to any decision making about Balochistan debates must be held at assembly floor and outside the assemblies. Described projects neither are for Baloch nor will develop the socio-economy of Balochistan.

You and your party were the elementary part of Raisani cabinet but could not bring a single missing person on surface? 

We had struggled lots in confinement the constitutional circle for Missing Person, but democracy is too much tenuous in this country, instantly others forces are stronger in Pakistan. If anyone is guilty, consequently should be produced before the courts.

Where yours party stand against Jihadist and extremists, who have covered an enormous area in Balochistan?

No comment.

The proficient of Political-Science considers Balochistan a colonized area of this state, so in a colony what is value of elections, where you and your party are contesting?

No comment.

Is Pakistani media projecting true picture of Balochs and Balochistan?

Pakistani media is limited till Punjab. I am surprised where are media ethics in Pakistan? Media has focused in only Punjab, and TV channels are not projecting real picture of Balochistan. Balochistan is not only Quetta, no one knows about other parts of Balochistan, like Panjgur, Turbat, Gawadar and so on. Reporters always run behind breaking news rather than follow factual meaning of journalism and ethics of journalist. Balochistan is largest province of Pakistan by land and it has great significance as geopolitics in the region. Internationally, the countries, like USA, India and China are interested in Balochistan. Even famous Pakistani anchor persons do not know about Baloch leadership, politics and Balochistan issues.

What do you think about middle class chief minister?

National Party in Balochistan procuring 4 or 5 Middle-Class men, but all others are invisible on screen.


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  1. Nice Dear Baloch Khan, May you gate your destiny soon.

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