Book is the 2nd School

By Muslim Baloch

Book which as known as the biggest ocean of knowledge, therefore, it touches the minds of books1we folks that how it is the Ocean of Knowledge? School and the divined book are merely like cronies because without book school is like empty room which has cleaned to wash and if there is no book then absolutely it is no use to turn up to school, because it does not make any sense for the students to study in order to get going with latest world and globalized universe.

The biggest book in world is “super book” and the biggest story in shape of a book that is Maha Baharat and there is one book in the world which can’t be read and it is with symbols and astrological signs then therefore the “author” of the book is unknown to each one. History records that books have changed the life those who have studied with deliberation and have provided the best money means “time”. These are some books which change your life in this global but now let’s discuss the miracle, The Quran Karim, this is the book revealed by Omnipresent Allah via Hazarat Jabraeel A.S to our prestigious Prophet Hazarat Muhammad S.A.W. a book sent to humanity for their well being. This is the book that contains all knowledge of the world and that would be puzzling that as someday I was listening the sermon of Mulana Tariq Jameel then he said, in the Surrah of “ha /m” all the knowledge of both of the worlds is in this Surrah and along these nine surrah of Quran Karim other (21) surrahs my and everyone’s Allah praises his beloved Hazarat Muhammad S.A.W. it is the only book which tells about up coming days which are coming in future…..

Book is not the group of some pages or papers but actually it is the biggest sort of recognizing, planning, writing, reading, and recalling, today including yesterday. Today in this modern era people are used of internet and are hectic to visualize the Cosmos in a one circle for prestigious future and try to drag everything under their belt by a single click but they deliberately forget to get some books beside their table to have Pabicon like glance on them.

These days everyone seems to be wrapped up with mobiles, TVs, play stations and computers and there is no suspect that they are the biggest way of communication, but books are more likely in favor to know the world’s “Culture, Customs, religions, areas and more importantly the human beings and humanity.

What it teaches is tolerance, politeness, care for other and the Allah’s derived “Friendship” so these are real aspect of living in society or in a sweet home. People used to find contentment to live willingly in this world and yet they are trying to do so and consequently they will be in a quest to grab or seize the opportunities for making themselves the ever best as compare to others, but this is not possible for anyone in this world without being a well behaved or well polite to every individual.


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