John Kerry visit to Pakistan, continuance of Prevailing Policies

By Ahmed Khan

American Secretary State Mr John Kerry visited to Pakistan after Salala incident where 21530702NATO Helicopters had onslaught on Pakistani forces check-post along with Pak-Afghan border, consequently, 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed.

In retaliation, Pakistan had suspended NATO supply line which transit through Pakistan. Withstanding these, Pakistani authorities evicted Shamshi air base in Kharan Balochistan, though US was compensating for that.

After lapse of couple of years Mr John Kerry a high rank America official visited to Pakistan. A purpose behind the trip seems, the sought of Pakistani military cooperation in Afghanistan after evacuation of NATO forces at end of 2014.

The second, propulsion of visit of Mr John Kerry, US Secretary for State is to limit the enhancing influence of China in Pakistan, especially in Balochistan. The another impetus is the Pak-Iran Gas pipeline project which is utmost need of Pakistani state due to reducing deposits of gas and increasing requisition of energy. Pakistan is facing stern energy crises and its industry is about to strangulate due to energy shortage.

The mentioned Gas pipe line project is need of India, too. India is ally state of US in region, and both countries are co-operating each other in various fields, including civil nuclear technology for power generation. This type of agreement doesn’t exist between Pakistan and US, for that Pakistani official demanded to meet energy requirements and power balance in region.

 The US Secretary State visit mean was to settle affairs with newly sworn government of Nawaz Sharif. Pakistan official demanded for relinquish of Drone strike in FATA, and taken efforts to persuade to US that these strikes are violation of Pakistani state sovereignty and causing the invigoration of militancy further instead of abating.

US Secretary State John Kerry categorically expressed that those elements that are killing innocent people, exploding bombs in mosques and public places are violating state sovereignty. Hence, they will continue Drone strikes in subsequence, but his country will ponder over suspension of predicators strike, soon. But Pakistan should to do more against Talban and Al-Qaeda.

The US official Mr John Kerry visit couldn’t reach to any remarkable conclusion. But it is being speculated that Mr Kerry and Pakistani Sharif government were agreeing on any suitable personality for post of Army Chief after retirement of General Kiyani, and US official has asked Pakistan’s   succor to stabilize Afghanistan after evacuation of NATO forces after 2014.


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