Professor Azam and Pakistani media


hasrat-iqbalPakistani media; both print and electronic, are frustrated these days on the news that proffessor Ghulam Azam of Jamahit-e-Islami has been sentenced imprisonment for a period of 90 years. The ninety year old professor is convicted of killing Bangalis and helping Pakistani forces in 1971 war.

A war crimes tribunal (W.C.T) was set to investigate the criminal procedures of war 1971 of Bangladesh in 2010. The tribunal has sentenced Ali Ehsan Mujahid; the secretary general of Jamahit-e-Islami, to death while professor was sentenced imprisonment of 90 years.

Pakistani writers, columnists, program anchors and senior analysts are on fire these days as they are trying to justify the acts of Jamahit-e-Islami as legal and presenting professor Azam as a hero. Some of the Pakistani journalists urge United Nation and international community to take the notice of this sentence, while a few of them are busy in pressurizing Organization Islamic Countries (OIC) to come forth to help and save professor’s life. Few of the columnists and analysts have appealed Sheikh Hasina Wajid to investigate the brutality of Makti Bahani; the separatist organization of Bangladesh, as well as where some have harnessed their horses to go to International Court of Justice (ICJ).

However, analysts like Irfan Siddiqui consider these punishments as a publicity stunt and a political tactic of Sheikh Hasina Wajid to gain sympathy of Bangladeshis in upcoming general elections.

Whatever the consequences of this punishment may be but one thing is clear that it hasprofessor-ghulam-azam been the policy of Pakistani establishment to poke her nose in affairs of every country. Pakistan played the Afghan war with Taliban against Soviet Union, she is involved in Kashmir, played the bloody war in Bangladesh in 1971, directly with Pak army and indirectly with the help of Al-Shams and Al-Badar and Jamhit-e-Islami, and to date she is a frontline ally of US in the war on terror.

History reveals that religion was used in past as the main ideological force against Bangalis in 1971 and Pakistan army led Al-Shams and Al-Badar. J.I workers and students were the main crusiders used against Bangalis. It is also a part of history that Bangalis were considered Qadianis and later on declared non- Muslim through constitution on the pursuance of religious outfits in 1973. It was a futile exercise to revenge the Bangalis and a religious tool forcibly implemented in the constitution 1973 by amending it.

The Jihadist elements can still be found in army and establishment as the religious groups, like Defense Council of Pakistan (Difah-e-Pakistan Council), are working under the umbrella of ISI. Moreover, ISI led Lashkars are active throughout Sawat, Wana, Waziristan and Balochistan by the names of Aman Lashkars and Tehrik-e-Nifaz Aman in Balochistan etc to facilitate the establishment and to implement the writ of government via religious groups.

Pakistani establishment and media should learn a lesson from the world when ex-Russian president Milsovich who was sentenced to death by ICJ being convicted in killing Chechans. They should also keep Saddam Hussain’s example in front. To be honest, if Sheikh Mujeeb was trailed in Pakistan for separating Bangladesh what would be the situation here in Pakistan. At least Pakistani media; said to be independent, should have a little moral courage and say the whole truth rather concealing and twisting the reality and saying what pleases the establishment.

(The writer is a Baloch journalist and human rights activist, he can be reached at:


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