The delicious dates of Mekuran

BY Zakir Qadir Shams

Mekuran covering an area of 72,944 square kilometer is a division, like a paradise of the ??????????????????natural resources of Balochistan comprising on districts of Gawadar, Turbat and Panjgure. According to the encyclopedia Britannica, Mekuran is bordering in east are situated Khuzdar and Lasbela districts, in south along with Arabian Sea, in west situated Iran, and in north the Siahan range.

The chief spring crops (jopag) of Makran are wheat and barley, and the autumn season crop (eraht) os Jowar (sorghum). Dates are the main production of Makran which are very famous for this unique varieties and deliciousness.

The scientific name of the Date is ‘Phoenix dactylifera’. The date palm (maach) grows about 12 to 30 feet. Its stem, strongly marked with pruned stubs of old leaf bases, terminates in a crown of graceful, shining, pinnate leaves about 5 meters(16f feet) long. Male and female flowers flourish on separate plants. Under cultivation the females are artificially pollinated process in Mekuran is called Maach Osp, a stalk of the male flower is inserted into a small incision male in the core of the top of female tree. More than thousand dates appease on a single bunch weighing 8kg (18) or more. The fruit gets ripened in the month of July. Then each date is picked individually while harvesting or the entire bunch is cut. The harvesting season in Mekuran is called “Aamen”, starts from July and ends in September. After harvesting dates get dried, in this way, it contains more than 50 percent protein, fat and other matters.

Hundreds of varieties of dates have been discovered in Mekuran. The prominent researcher and author Dr. Hameed Baloch in his book, Mekuran Uhd-e- Kadeem se Uhe-e-Jadeed tak”, writes the names of following varieties of date discovered in Mekuran:

1)Aapdandan                2) Bygamjngi                        3) Halaynee

4) Chapshuk                  5) Nazani                             6) Kounz niad

7) Muzatee                    8) Zard-e- Kallagi                9) Arrisht

10) Barr-i-shakari          11) Dandari                          12) Sabzo

13) Rabia                       14) Dandari-gon                  15) Gurbgo

16) Shingish-Kand         17) Hargi                              18) Sherhri

19) Siah-dop                  20) Miri-e-zard                    21) Panidi

22) Miri-e-surk               23) Jowan-aabo shams       24) Goari

25) Pono                        26) Bindak                           27) Pash-pag

28) Irdiki                        29) Shakari                           30) Kalut

31) Reko                         32) Napagi                           33) Khalas

34) Shapago                   35) Ichko                              36) Pard

37) Zarabad                   38) Siah Gwnak                   39) Shoren app-dandan

40) Haleni-gon               41) Dishtari                          42) Rogini

43) Rogini Bulidia          44) Shuksh                           45) Nazan dazi

46) Jowana Jamkki        47) Aap-rogin                      48) Chepshuk kulonti

49) Jonzo                       50) Masudi                          51) Rago

52) Anguro                     53) Nasua                            54) Wash kung

55) Gonzal                     56) Bor                                 57) Keleri

58) Umbi                        59) Kungo                            60) Jalagi Mulki

61) Jalagi Kohi               62) Jalagi Rustai                  63) Husseni

64) Charpan                   65) Makili                             66) Jawana Siakasz

67) Sadrami                   68) Sharai                            69) Kalesuk

70) Kaler                        71) Kiksi                               72) Boal

73) Kaspaso                   74) Mathab Taza                 75) Kanaro

76) Pesh-nah                 77) wash-nah                       78) Pull

79) Challo                      80) Dos-nah                         81) Posto

82) Gog-nah                   83) Kala dizzaki                    84) Ari

85) Sunt Gurag              86) Kuroch                           87) Barni

88) Baz Khudabun         89) Sohr-dana                      90) Musali

91) Sibil                          92) Passamo                        93) Kalag dir

94) Kulonti                     95) Wakhshi                        96) Wash Kulont

97) Wash Kuiont           98) Asami                             99) Puppo

100) Shunsh                   101) Pachki                          102) Zard-e-rais

103) Kahraba                 104) Suhr                             105) Lango

106) Hush kich               107) Javn Sure

The tragedy is that no plant existing for dates processing in Mekuran and transportation is much troublesome within and out of the region, despite these excellent quality flavor and color. The exporters are not motivated to create domestic or overseas markets about these dates.

The high quality dates of Mekuran must be given due value. Processing plants and markets must be established in Turbat and Panjure. The buyers and sellers should be inter-connected and export of dates to abroad requisite, too.

Another most appalling tragedy about dates growing is that these are getting devalued economically because as the Palm trees are affected by a worm called Dabas Bug. The dates growing is main industry of Mekuran and it once gives production in year but pest feeds the leaves as a dubes of Palm tree which is scientifically known as ommatissus lybicus. This affects the date plant to photosynthesis and multiplies to sever infestation along the whole tree, which gets hollow and then falls down.


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