The resurrection of old enmity

By Ahmed Khan

After departure of Messenger (PBUH) the Muslim Umah divided in two fractions. The first Sociologyone claimed that close companion (Sahabas) are descendent and they deserve to be successor of Muslim empire.

The second fraction was supporter of hierarchic system and they wanted that Messenger (PBUH) heirs sit on throne of Muslim empire. They rose voice for Hazrat Ali, afterward were named Shian-e-Ali (The sacrifice payer for Ali)

The conflict between both dogmas follower was serious and even they fought lethal wars on this point. The supporters of Hazrat Ali become Shia and the supporters of Massagers companions become Sunni. The both group spread their way of belief in whole world.

These conflicts after a period extinguish due to dispersion of population in globe. At that time, population was not grown that these belligerent groups interact with each other and loggerhead. In past, weapons were also not developed, and wars  were fought with sword and  lances or arrows were shoot for hitting belligerent, hence that epoch weapons were not lethal, like today’s are. Now sophisticated guns and explosive material are invented which are very harmful but are helpful for hysterical persons who believe to eliminate the rival, but nothing can be vanished from face of earth by use of power and by help of weapons. Yes, enmity can be won by doing so, but extinct of believers never can be.

If we retrospect, then can comprehend that in initial days of Islam the rivalry was existing between Sunnis and Shias, but dispute escalated after the purification of Wahabis when Wahab Najadi unpeeled that only God is omeni-potenous and all ways of paying reverence to mystic or tomb is forbidden and doing so is wick, the emergence of this sect has engraved confrontation with Shia.

Today, Saudia Arabia is Wahabis state whilist Iran is Shias. Presently, on base of sectarian sentiments, the theologizes are winning election by use of this slogan. The Saudia Arabia, Jordan, Syria and other Middle-East states are denied of democracy to their masses and other human rights in 21st century.

This sectarian violence now got a dreadful shape and without border is spreading globally. In Syria, the regime of Asad is being backed by Shia states and groups. The Iranian infiltration on several occasion proved to assisting the government forces, which is ruling monarchical on Syria, too. The western states also blamed for involvements of Hizibullah on side of government forces for crushing the rebels.

The western states, especially America give birth the rebellion in Syria by comprising on Sunnis. In Syria, Al-Qaeda is also engaged, which is an organization confronting the America globally but not in Syria. Here in Pakistan attacks have been carried out on Shias and Taliban claimed for responsibility, and alleged that they are taking avenge of atrocities on Muslims in Syria and Iraq. They also claimed, they have dispatched fighters to Syria for supporting to rebels, who are Sunnis. Simultaneously, in Iraq lethal exploding attacks have been carried out against Shia population. Instantly, Iran is supporting Mehdi Malasia in Iraq which is a Militant group consisting of Shias.

It is the juncture to be cogitated that America in Afghanistan, and in Pakistani administrated areas FATA is combating with Al- Qeada by sophisticated technology Drones and ground forces. Similarly, in Yaman is carrying out strikes by Drones on Al-Qaeda basis and militants but surprisingly supporting same Al Qaeda in Seyria against Asad regime.

In Balochistan, this sectarian confliction is on peak. Here mostly Hazara ethnic is being targeted by their odd complexion and pre-domination of Shia belief. Here’s violence is also linked with international sectarian confliction.

The imperialist is cashing this rivalry of Sunni and Shia, by impetus sectarian violence and she is bringing in power to those who are powerless, and are her stooge. For instance, the sectarian violence why not erupts in Sudia Arabia and Jordan where the favorite stooges are ruling in monarchic way?

The masses of victim states have only option to make chain with others on platform of humanism and socialism. In this way, they will be able to stop the series of this cutting throat of innocent human. Otherwise, a layer of rulers or theologizes will keep continue the denying of rights and status of parity. Human will be cutting the fellow language and race people’s throats without any sin or fault. In 21 century, the old enmity of early Islam days is being resurrected and cities are being given bath with innocent humans, blood just for gain of economical benefits by ugly system of capitalism. Only this way the non-terminating war can be brought to end and humanity can see prosperity with peace.


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