Authorities releases Mullah Brader for negotiation with Pakistani Taliban not for Afghans

By Ahmed Khan

On 21 September, eventually Pakistani authorities released Mullah Brader top Commander ormullah-omar second-Ameer of Taliban movement. He was living in Karachi after fall of Afghanistan in hands of America and Northern Alliance. It is perceptible that a second high commander of movement was living in metropolitan of Pakistan without consent of state’s authorities. He was arrested merely for this that must not be used by another.

When Afghanistan was in control of Taliban, so it was known the fifth province of Pakistan. In Region and in world some power couldn’t see it as like, they intervened in Afghanistan, over threw Taliban government and cut links of Pakistan from its fifth province.

After alteration of Taliban government with such elements, who consider Pakistan as their foe. Then other states, specifically India expanded its volume and covered an enormous size of business in Afghanistan. Pakistan also strived to regain its last status by Taliban and leaders were made guest in state. It is implicit that one doesn’t know the world, so how they can combat the world?

Taliban don’t know the world but are combating world! In fact reins are in hands of Pakistani authorities and on several occasion American authorities blatantly spoke-out it, too.

The world what knew, so also work on that factor, mean they also sought course to trap the game dealer. The areas were asylum for Taliban and training ground for them have been changed into war pad, or thorny place for itself Pakistan. Now FATA converted into haven for Pakistani Taliban who are engaged in fight against Pakistani forces. Where they blossomed and various creed formed armed groups, like Lasker-e-Jangvi, Harkal-ul-Islam, jash-e-Muhammad and others. These all groups are waging war against its antagonistic and country Pakistan is burning in forge of sectarian. Now some have grasped that they are on wrong path of but state has struck in marsh, consequently they unconsciously searching a way to come out from this abyss.

In Afghanistan, many states are working for stabilization and development, they some extent succeeded in their goals. The people of Afghanistan also got used to of this present life and got sick-off from war and fundamentalism, hence they are also not agreeing to accept Talbanization. The Afghani Taliban also appointed another one in place of Mullah Brader and he maynot have value like before. Here is one thing clear that Mullah Brader will be used for access or reconciliation with Pakistani Talban, but this he will not be used for control or influence on Afghan Talban.


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