Baloch Freedom never let be Pawn: Khalil Baloch

Bolan Voice Report

The Baloch National Movement’s seventh central committee session was held, Khalil Baloch969837_515007121912077_2041267726_n chaired conference. Addressing to session Chairman Khalil Baloch said, “Salute to our valiant Balochs who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of freedom movement and national survival, they got eternal position in history. It is outcome of theirs sacrifices that today entire nation is affiliated with movement pragmatically.”

Further he said, “Martyred Ghulam Muhammad, Lala Munir, Sher Muhammad, Rashool Buksh Mengle, Samad Tegrani, Haji Razaque, Master Ali Jan, Razaque Gul, Rafique Sumalani, Imdad Jan and other workers sacrifices have not let weaken our resolute. Dr Din Muhammad, Ghafoor Baloch, Sadiq jamaldni, Ramzan Baloch and other party workers are enduring in torture cells, firmly. The martyrdom of Raza Jahager, Shakoor Baloch, Pattan Bugti, Haq Nawaz and other revolutionaries is indicating the arrogance of occupant it even today intended to keep hegemony by power, but Baloch National Movement is facing atrocities with courage. Rival forces, secret agencies and death squad are committing genocide of Baloch and they are getting as a Challenge’s for international world.”

Khalil Baloch Said. “In history of political revolution an organized party had been mandatory, and today Baloch National Movement is performing with revolutionary characteristics. Although Baloch Movement history is stretching long but presently BNM absolutely following discipline and working on scientific base. The confusions are being created through social media irresponsible and unbridle way to disintegrate national unity by a planned plot. And we are observing this series profoundly to reach the root level of matter, and then will expose the realities in front of masses We will exploit the tool of media for promotion of Movement, It must not be let to mislead by some irresponsible’s. Some elements are consented to live with this state but the freedom of Baloch never will let to be kept in pawn, and if someone will attempt to cash Baloch priceless blood for temporary and surface benefits, hence we are ready to counter such element in all aspects.”

Chairman BNM further said, “During the war by evolution process revolutionary and counter revolutionary get segregated and we are ever ready to unite with pure revolutionaries and never can’t walk with those who don’t come-up with criteria of freedom and such elements are with those will disloyalty with martyrs blood. Baloch National Movement charter provides guarantee for freedom and our workers are guarding this charter on risk of their lives.” He explained.

In central committee session, the boycott from 11 May was considered a positive move, and Baloch National Front with Baloch National Movement role was declared contended even the conspiracies and tactics of parliamentarian parties.

In central Committee considers the participation of BNP-M, NP, BNM- Awami and others in all parties as detrimental for Baloch. Central committee denounced the expansionism of China, Russia, America, Iran and France, which is a threat for human survival.


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