Balochi embroideries

Fatima-wants-her-work-to-reach-the-entire-country-400x300In this ancient world every nation and society has their ways to pass their precious lives. They have different culture and traditions which make them aware that what their forefathers had done. These can identify them that they are and what their forefathers were.

In Baloch history also there are lots of ancient things and culture. In Balochi culture embroideries are included which has got a great respect. These embroideries are the symbols of Balochi culture. These embroideries which are being sewed by Baloch women are very attractive, impressive and very much expensive. Baloch women feel proud to wear those cloths on what Balochi embroideries are sewed because these are the part of their culture which are surviving the culture.

In olden time there were serial kinds of Baloch embroideries which are being ignore and not being sewn fully and in a proper way. They are Jaalar-o-nall, katuk-o-nall, Morg-o-nall, Gul-o-zalangook, Gul-o-ehrkash, Thalu, Kalaati-e-mosoom, kappuk, Dhorsareen katuk-o-tanab, Gadaband, Merchuk and many more.

Now a day’s young generation of Baloch women is not taking any more interest in old embroideries rather they are taking more advantage in new once which they are not in Balochi cultivation. And they are giving more intrest. Actualy they are not part of their culture. They are Jalwa, Noor Khan-e-wahag, zelen-o-zalang, camakali, Shah Jan-e-challa, Arif-e-chader and so on.

These Baloch women don’t know that they are leaving their own culture and adopted those things which are out of from their culture.

Baloch women must be serious about what they are ignoring and it is a request to all Baloch women to adopted their own culture which is more sweet able for them and their culture and tradition.

Nadil Shah Noor,Turbat


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