Gwadar; a golden sparrow

Gwadar is considered as a golden sparrow not only for Pakistan but also for Asia and Europe. Due to a great strategic value and vis-à-vis the Straits of Hormuz, it has drawn to attention of superpower countries to make good ties with Pakistan in order to coordinate for trade externally and internally. However, needless to mention Pakistan and China have good relationship since their appearance. Recently, China has interest to operate the Gwadar port to boost its economy. The question is that how China can operate the Gwadar-Port, because the context of Balochistan is a huge threat not only for foreign also for local people due to law and order situation in Balochistan particularly in Makuran Division.

Furthermore, if the situation of Balochistan remains the same position which were before like abducting, target killing, and extra judicial killing of Baloch, it would be a big challenge for China to operate the Gwadar-Port and use the route of Balochistan for trade.

On the other hand after the powerful earthquake, one island has found in the sea of Gwadar that is full of natural resources to be utilized to enrich the economy of Pakistan and Balochistan. Sadly despite the fact that Balochistan is chock-full of natural resources, still people live under the poverty-stricken.

Government should take Baloch into confidence to decide for assigning any agreement with international countries to trade in Balochistan that is the land of Baloch even if a province of Pakistan.



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