Human needs Humanism for prosperity

By: Gohar Ali Memon, Thatta, Sindh

The history of mankind is exciting and undoubtedly fearful. Man sometimes embraced the success in the trials that he made and sometimes watched victory withering away. One can unambiguously see that man has contrasted nature from time to time and tried to develop his own techniques to survive in the world. The steps were so astonishing that compelled the French enlightenment philosopher “Jean Jack Rousseau” to raise the slogan “Go back to nature”. But the situation which the World is currently facing does not consent one to think in accordance to the Rousseau nor like “T. Marnetti.F” who said “We want to glorify war — the only cure for the world — militarism, patriotism, the destructive gesture of the anarchists, the beautiful ideas which kill, and contempt for woman. We want to demolish museums and libraries, fight morality, feminism and all opportunist and utilitarian cowardice”.

There has been the alteration of power between the world throughout the history, From Greece, Arabs, Russia to United States. But none of the states have ever tried to be pacifist or to harmonize the World in the perfect manner. Imperialism is the retrospective curse for the mankind and it has no doubt crippled the legs of the world. Let us quote few examples here:

1- The League of Nations failed due to the personal interest of the powerful states.

2- World War-II began due to conflicts over territories.

3- The British rule over India which has left serious impacts on the socio-cultural life of people.

4- The bi-polar politics of Russia and US.

5- US imperialism in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Middle East.

The time when intellectualism was caged in Europe under the heavy mistaken influence of Christian deteriorative Culture in meanwhile the rebellious spirit was arousing amongst the occidentals which have now degenerated into an immense interest of international liberalism. The orients are now facing the same famine of comprehension and enlightenment. They consider every trouble and suffering God-gifted rather than considering it the curse of economic disequilibrium. Hatred for the occidentals is increasing which is not at all useful for the world and a deteriorative cause for World Peace, so the Economic and emerging powers should not therefore continue their evil interest which harshly effects the psychology of people.

US is rapidly moving towards the economic famine due to the over-investment on her so-called “War on terror” and this so-called War has not only given grounds to the religious extremism to increase but has also challenged the sovereignty of the States and at the same time it has polluted the minds of natives in both subjective and objective manner. China which is the emerging economic power has become the future threat to the US imperialism and The united states is busy in discovering grounds to prevent this threat but as the Clash between USSR and US affected the world and gave rise to the terroristic activities in the same manner this greed of power will also degenerate into the huge massacres. Noam Chomsky says “The US has her own definitions of democracy, whatever definition is suitable for the maintenance of her power, she bluntly declares” and certainly the leading lights in the different regions of the World should not continue to materialize these definitions, They should comprehend the tendencies of their people’s psyche and find out the ways to create the pacifist environment which is hard but not impossible to attain. United Nation’s “Inter-political economy” asserts that “No state can overcome the territories of the other state no matter if it assists the other state” but unfortunately no imperialist follow this.

The prosper future can only be attained when there are prosper minds to generate prosper ideas and these prosper ideas can only be generated when there are prosper societies and the prosper societies can only be furnished when there is economically equal World. The communist regime of Russia was working in this context but it was also not Interest-free state. The states are never true to one another but in order to harmonize the world and create a peaceful and prosper future the States need to work on their policies. The Obama administration and other emerging economic powers like China, Turkey and Australia should put the glance on those Latin Americans, Africans and Asians who die due to hunger and peg out in diseases.

The problem is also with the psyche of people as Don Helder Camara says “When I give food to people they call me a saint and when I ask why they don’t have food they call me Communist”, so people should stop symbolizing and try to understand the root causes of their suffering. The prosper future can only be attained when the causes of deterioration are properly understood.

Certainly when the future of World will become prosper then the Individual will automatically be adjusted. Beyond all the cultural and sub-cultural values there is the “Universal Culture” which equally affects and magnetizes all the people on the Globe and the second name of this value of universal culture is “Sensation” which binds people together and spread prosperity among them. As Gandhi said, “Beyond every law of the land there is Law of Humanity”.

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