Love your mother

By Farman Ali Baloch

Let’s rephrase the word mother. Ever since we step in the world for, the first time a phrase ismothers_love naturally uttered is, mother. It appears too attractive and sweet while expressing the word mother, perhaps it is any of the linguistics spoken throughout the globe as though to say: mum, mom, mah, luma, etc. whole are pretty similar and loving, either. Moreover, abundant thanks to her for paying off a subtle and delicate nourishment to us at the foremost time she carried us in her womb for nine months, enduring our punches and kicks also at the time of birth she tolerated a troublesome, painful moment thus, we inhaled breath.

Up to the early toddler she feed us her breast and embraced in her arms too lovingly and took us all together wherever she would go. Besides she commenced instructing to life changing the clothes everyday morning and making us asleep at night, likewise when late toddler phase arrived, she would make us ready for school and tie over the lace of our shoes either but, yet someone must not forget the love and courage offered by her when the time we would pull a long face and frowned on the meal or not to go to school how faithfully she would settle the situation while keeping a palm over the head.

Correspondingly, she initiated taking care of us in all the life long and sheltered via any tiny problem, if it would occur somehow she herself suffered entire matters and troublesome however, did not tempt us to be puzzle about something.

Call your mind back when you were sick with the temperature of 103 probably you would have found her sunken in worries sitting along with you asking you on every tick of clock concerning your heath and accordingly converting an extended issue into a shortened one with console. Not only the period while you were suffering illness but also, the term of joys and happiness. Attempt to remember the episode your mother far away calling you with a sweet loudly voice to meal. Seems pleasant meanwhile you are exhausted further to mother and her love is beyond imagination and elusive a hand would get tired jotting down in addition to mother and her harmonious love to her children by virtue of her unconditional love if you are yarning to zoom in the phrase.

Mother under the microscope of Islam you will in fact get to discover a gorgeous status of her as if: it is mention in the book of hadith sai-al- bukhari a person came to the Allah’s prophet Muhammad PBHM asked? Who is more entitled with the best companionship by me? The Prophet PBHM replied your mother. He asked who next the Prophet PBHM answered your mother again He asked Prophet PBHM answered your mother for the fourth time he asked and the Prophet PBHM replied your father. If we understand concept the three fourth love and affection are due to mother and one fourth of love and affection are owing to father. As contrast she gets the gold medal silver medal and bronze medal while father has to mainly satisfy him self with constellation prize. Further the Prophet PBHM said paradise lies beneath mother feet one must deeply plunge into the originalities of mother’s love, verily will detect every success and prosperity with her one prayer afterward. She is one and only whom one attains a scintillating, delight and glowing life if you are a kind of person who desires to list up the top successful people around world.

Certainly, will ascertain the work hard and love offered behind it. If not even the work hard at least the heartfelt prayer for her child. It is she who is awaited, does not eat until you reach and bears starvation, however, never lets you feel a slight hunger and fulfills all the essentials of yours. Her face is completely saturated with beneficent and mercy while keeping a sight at you the miseries are auto-removed .As of turning to addressing those who are not under the shadow of their beloved mother passing the days in her absence, they rather be asked about the treasure and worth of mother one is bestowed love from each family member at abode. But the way, she loves is non-comparative. One perhaps not find it else where. It is an obvious reality that mankind is mortal has to be departed a day. Yet a true lover of mother desires to lose every expensive and exclusive property but certainly not want her mother get a minute graze. Unluckily some are there who still have the presence of their mother.

However not, getting be heir to take the old-aged mother in their custody, rather they are being made displeasing and helpless their scorn and contempt is made over tiny matters. My question is this the aftermath of their love and charming deal?

As though you are rendering in return to degrade and scold, I shall remind you to imagine of your past. First set off your brain receding. In fact you will come to know how sincere she is with you. Having all it known, it is accurately our turn to respond them love indeed!


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