“Manzoor Bismil” A unique bard of all time

By Mashreen A.Hamid, Turbat

It is widely believed that hard work is the most essential part of human beings. Moreover,preview_Munir Momin, Manzoor Bismil, Ghani Pahwal whoever is hard worker then of course, he/she achieves something in his/her life forever without hard work people catch nothing. Likewise, one great personality quoted that “if there is no struggle then there is no progress.” Very few people know how to play a paramount role in the extend world, but the one who is fluent in playing this role then he/she love ever.

However, poets are the integral part of human beings. Because, poets express love, history and their inner feelings through their pieces of poetry, and encourage people by their poetry. Similarly, some poets naturally are very sensitive and opposite from other poets, Manzoor Bismil is one of them, who is considered one of the greatest poet of this era.

An attractive poet, Manzoor Bismil opened his eyes in the home of Waja Abdul Raheem in Dasht in 1972. He completed his 5th class in his native place Dasht in 1985. For Further, he came in Turbat, took admission in government High School Shai Tump, and completed his matriculation exam in 1990. For higher education, he took admission at Atta Shad degree college Turbat and did his BA there. After BA, he went to Shall (Quetta), in 1997, he did MA in Balochistan University Quetta. In 1990, he put his footsteps towards poetry. When he was just 10 years old, he was interested in writing pieces of poetry. His family members and especially his father got gob smacked to hear such kind of poetry which old people cannot write as well, how Manzoor has written at his childhood. He did not leave his having talent and worked dawn to dusk for the betterment of his poetry. As a result, he is considered the greatest poet of this era.

Undoubtedly, one usually finds attractiveness in Manzoor’s poetry. His six books have been published. The first one is “Hushkein Khaneegh”, second is “Aap rung” third is “Sanjaro” fourth is “Saach” fifth one is “Deedh ban en brumsh” and sixth on is Pir zalara che Sama int.

Moreover, the one thing, which made Manzoor widely famous, is his poetic talent. In addition, he is the only poet who has lots of loves for Baloch nation and Baloch poets. As he very nicely says, “Who listens my broken thoughts, who thinks about my nation, I am waiting for a bright day, but from where I bring another Ata Shad”. To me, it is very difficult to discuss every aspects of his poetry. Because, there is no such kind of poet, whose pieces of poetry are the messages to people and whose pieces of poetry automatically start having spiritual attraction towards readers.

As he very attractively says, “Don’t see my look as a poor person”


 “I am a king of my thinking”

 “I am not that much able to give you suggestion about Manzoor Bismil, but I just confess wholeheartedly that the main things, which are needed for poets, Manzoor Bismil possesses them. So, it is not needed to see his personal look, his personal attitude and his personal life. I just suggest you that we must know Manzoor Bismil as a poet of all time.

Concluding it with his words:

“Tear the fire”

“Pluck the water and”

“Wash the reflection”


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