Mnemonic, an Extraordinary Learning Device

By Muslim Baloch

As one day I was wrapped up using the internet to ask for some well-informed literary terms for the envisioned study of English Literature, in the intervening time, a word dropped in my vision and that was, “Mnemonic”. This kicked me in the teeth, and also granted the motivation plus encouragement for learning, exploring, and maintaining my studies for the upcoming days in future.

The word mnemonic is descended from the ancient Greek word “mnemonikos” means “of memory” and this is associated to (Mnemosyne) which delivers the connotation of “remembrance” and (Mnemosyne) is derived from name of the goddess of memory in Greek mythology and mother of the Muses, but these both words appear from the words “Mnema” or “Mnemon” that means “remembrance” or “mindful”. Later on it comes from the new Latin word (mnemonicus) which is furthermore interconnected to the brain.

A mnemonic or mnemonic device is a learning technique. This is an art of memory that simple means “easy-to-remember”. A technique based on the typical human mind to evoke much more straightforwardly, as like: spatial or visual, personal, surprising, or any other that constructs complications in seemingly sequences for the mankind.

Initial it was discovered by the Greeks more or less 2500 years ago and the forefather is an ancient Greek poet Simonides of Ceos who originated the precise first mnemonic in 477 B.C for the art of assisting the memory by using distinct systems of artificial aids, such as: rhymes, rules, phrases, diagrams, acronyms and many devices to help recalling the names. Dates and other worldly known facts and figures in order to benefit the world of people, especially the ground of education and no doubt this has been beautifying the educational battle ground or think-tanks.

And in a study in 1967 by Gerald R. Miller found that students using mnemonics increased test scores up to 77%! This was its age attractiveness. Mnemonics are extraordinary devices for the students to sum up their activities in small shape words or in the sentences, exclusively for those whom are very floppy at residual their home tasks on daily bases. It really coordinates everyone in the society elsewhere in the cosmos to enrich their spelling power, reminiscence things, and check and balance their educational doings, some what it is a procedure to improve one’s memory by recollecting mnemonics such as like: music, names, expressions, words, models, ode, rhymes, organizations, images, connections and spellings. After all everybody in the world wants to impress other in a great deal to take the advantage away from others, and mnemonics could be the very handy keys to reach the destination sooner than ever. So, “history retells those who repeat history”. It just to remind you that (Tom Or Row) is tomorrow. Below are some mnemonics: Order of colors in the rainbow, or visual spectrum:

(Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet)Richard Of York Gave Battle In VainOCEANOnly Cats’ Eyes Are NarrowOrder of taxonomy in biology:

(Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species)

Kids Prefer Cheese Over Fried Green Spinach.

SECRETARYA secretary must keep a secret.

The Original 13 USA-States














The Original 13 States:


New Hampshire

New York


New Jersey

Rhode Island





North Carolina

South Carolina


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