Origin of Baluchi Language

By M.K Baloch

Baluchi, which is known to be the language of Baloch nation, has got a very big and vague history Regarding its origin since it did not have any writers in the days of yore due to which this language remained an unwritten language in that era. There are many perspectives available regarding the origin of Baluchi language. Some believe that Baluchi is a broken piece of Persian language while on the other hand a great quantity believe that it is an older language than Persian,but they belong to the same Aryan family.

Linguists have classified the total languages of the world in eight parts by seeing the comparison of the languages and national relations of the ancient languages. No doubt, all of them belong their particular territories and nations. In fact, many languages have broken into parts due to the passage of time, but their relation and taste match with one another. However, Baluchi the language of Baloch, belongs to Aryan group of family and have deep relations with the other languages of the same family.

Different researchers have their different opinions regarding the origin of Baluchi language and each has described their opinion according their researches. Among them majority have opined that Baluchi language belongs to Iranian group of  Indo _European family (Aryan family) which belonged to Aryan people before the birth of Christ. Sher Mohd and Abdul Samad believe that the written curbed In stones in Median language of Hakhamanshi’s time have close relation with Baluchi language, rather it is the old version of Baluchi language.

After studing most of the great historians it can be said that Baluchi is an Iranian language which has got relations with Parthian and Avastan languages. However, it also becomes clear that Baluchi language was flourished in caspian sea areas and it is witnessed that it was spked some 550 years before the birth of Christ, opined Gafoor shad.

Sayad Hashmi believed that Baluchi has originated in Avastan language, originating from the same Aryan family like the other languages of the same group. It was the language of Hazrat Zarthisht, who was recognized as one of the massengers of God. The religion, which he belong to, was known as Zoroastrianism and the book of this religion “Avasta” was written in Avastan language. Unfortunately, this language did have any orthography so it took the shape of Baluchi and Parthian languages and lost its own status as a language.

By shortening my words, there is no room left to doubt that Baluchi belonged to Iranian group of Aryan family before the birth of Christ and it is an older language than Persian and some other languages of the same family.  


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