Powerful Earthquake hit Balochistan’s district Awaran

After earthquake devastation relief work has been interrupted by forces and relief goods to Awaran were stopped in way: Baloch Nationalist Party Blamed.

By Ahmed Khan

On 25th September earthquake shacked Balochistan and some areas of province Sindh. ThePAKISTAN-QUAKE quake intensity on Richter scale was 7.7 magnitudes. US metrology center mentioned its epicenter in Awaran, where about 90% houses collapsed. The climate of discussed region is hot; hence most houses are mud-built, because the mud-built premise offer pleasure in hot weather but this type of houses were demolished which couldn’t stand in front of hard stroke of recent earth quake, consequently all area houses razed.

A sharp difference of attitude of state official was observed toward Baloch areas people and other parts of state during calamities. When earth quake hit Kashmir, then entire state machinery got operated in relief works promptly and were waiting for international aid. State officials’ apathy level can be guessed from this, even after passing many days no relief work was carried out, victim people are working help by own. Removing debris by spades and metallic, they don’t have any medical facility and injured are being shifted to Karachi and other nearer cities. In 21st century, Balochistan’s people don’t have pain killer tablet and it has proved and can be observed in Awaran earthquake struck areas.

Government official claim they have dispatched numerous trucks to Awaran loaded with relief goods but on ground these are in visible in to provide relief things. The victim’s plight refutes claims of government.

Media after verification of government official are showing around 500 dead, but when area people were contacted, so they informed the loss of life can be above than 2000. The district Awaran is considered the largest district of Balochistan and its population is above than 0.2 million, where all houses have collapsed but now government announced it will arrange 3500 tents for the victims, which is seeming insufficient and when these tents will be provided to disastrous is also has not scheduled.

After few days another earth quake hit the Awaran’s area Mushey and its suburb Nokjo which totally got into ruins. The area people already were in trauma further more suffered from psychological depression.

Baloch National Movement’s secretary General Dr. Manan Baloch during an interview with BBC told that they don’t accept any aid from Pakistani army; they will welcome to international organizations for relief works in area. He blamed forces aren’t coming for their help but they are stocking weapons and deploying fresh army contingents in area in the pretext of relief works. He said that Army helicopters are shelling on civilian population instead of providing stuff and relief things. Dr Manan Baloch blamed that philanthropic people sent relief goods from Quetta and other areas but FC has stopped vehicles loaded with relief things. He informed that Non- Government Organizations and donors companies are not allowed to distribute relief things among victims. FC has stance that only it will do distribution, work and goods to be provided only them.

The Pakistan National Disaster Managements (PNDM) has announced that Awaran relief works will be managed by them and they are capable for this, too. PNDM announced international and local organizations will not be allowed to carry-out relief operation in earth quake stricken areas. It has been witnessed that never such policy was adopted about the disastrous areas of country, like earth quake in Kashmir, Ziarat and flood in Sindh and other parts of state, this attitude only has been adopted for Baloch areas people.

In a pass statement posted on its website, France-based Doctors without Border has resented the government disallowed its medical care providers to enter Awaran, the area which suffered the most when earthquake struck the province.

This attitude of state authorities indicates they are hushing-up something from world; therefore they are not letting even doctors who are totally non-politician. Question is this troubled people to be provided maximum relief. This must be uttered why foreigner not allowed and themselves are also not working.


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