Syria conflict: Bar-al-Asad fate isn’t different than Saddam Hussain

By Ahmed Khanbashar-al-assad-hang-the-bastard

Some Arab states developed its army power and were threat for imperialist and its partner in middle-east the Israel. The Arab spring roused in Tunsia but that state after alteration of head of got calm, and the spring was diverted to other states of Middle-east and Africa.

Iraq had an organized and disciplined army, which caused it for being attacked by NATO countries. Now Iraq doesn’t have army power and is being controlled by stooges. Similarly, Libya was attacked and this country’s army power scattered and pushed into quagmire of chause.

Egyptian army is loyal and complying with US and Israel, and committing carnage of its citizen. It is also a reason that Egyptian masses don’t have ideological, rational political front which lead them to a systemization. If this state army stand for defiance, resultantly imperialist will not shun bringing in power the religious elements. Now the parallel combat between army general Mr. Sisi and Mursi’s workers automatically leading toward ruination, so imperialist is watching like a spectator.

The strong army catering countries will be facing such turmoil as today Egypt and Syria are facing, possible Pakistan and Iran to be pushed in this game but the obedient state are exempted, like Saudi Arabia Jordan and Qatar.

Here it is needed to retrospect the Saddam’s era, because history once again is repeating itself. The Saddam Hussain was an ally monarch of Russia did favorably of United States and persuaded Saddam Hussain to hand over his chemical and biological weapons to US or destroy immovable  by inspectors got Confirmed that now Saddam’s army don’t have any weapon of mass destruction or Chemical, then United State with ally states including Saudi Arabia invaded on Iraq. Mr. Saddam Hussan had to fled in desolated location. Deceased Saddam repeatedly would say “Russia stabbed in his waist”. Russia took guarantee that handover Chemical weapons to UN, and then she would be standing beside him but on time she didn’t alike.

Syria for long has been ruling by Asad family. This state majority consist of Sunni but minority Alavis are ruling. Mr. Basher-ul-Asad is only ruler in middle- east favoring to Russia. Mr. Asad is also supported ruler of Iran. The rebels of Free Syria Army are Sunni and supported by Saudi Arabia and US.  The Saudi Arabia is a staunch ally and strong hold of United States in Middle-East.

The US deals Islamist world by Saudi Arabia and funds them indirectly by same state. Now world imperialist is weakening Syria’s Army and it’s (Chemical 1000 ton) (Russia will stab Bashar) weapon that it may not be threat in future or impede in the way resources plunder, imperialist built armies, like free Syrian army and other hand state has been under rule of monarchs, presently Bashar-ul-Asad an Alvi ruler sitting on throne for long. He isn’t pro imperialist but is despotic and no-democratic. He has not distributed power among institutions or people, but oligarchic way ruling.

During previous month United State with NATO state got prepared to invade on Syria after use of Chemical weapons in outskirt of Damascus the capital of Syria. It has been proved that Chemical weapons were used but both belligerents mean rebel and Asad government are blaming on each other for using on civilians.

Now Asad government Confirmed owing Chemical weapons. And UN weapon inspector speculated that thousand tons chemical materials from those weapons can be made have Syria.

US procrastinated invasion on Syria because it will use chemical weapons against Saudi Arabia and rebel which will cause a huge lose of human lives. The old mechanism is going to be used and Russia is taking as gaunter for not attacking on Syria or throwing Bashar Asad government. Russia is saying, “She never supports Syria for use of chemical weapons and want destroy of these weapons which are intolerable for her.”

Now Basher-u-Asad is helpless and agreed to destroy its chemical weapons. In nearer past, it has been observed that Russia was used for extortion of chemical weapon but after snatch the weapons that ruler was also slain. Saddam Hussain till his last was repeating that Russia stabbed him in to back. Similarly, Mummer Kaddafi was treated. And Bashar-u-Asad fate wouldn’t be different than them. After handing over chemical weapons he will be killed like Saddam.


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