VBMP arranges seminar

Bolan Voice Report

On 23 September, 2013, a seminar conducted title was “The Role of political parties and civilP1040568 society for stoppage of enforced disappearance and throwing of mutilated bodies”, where a number of journalists, students, political workers and other sphere of life belonging participated.

The chairman Voice for Baloch Missing Person (VBMP) Nasurallah Baloch, Head of HRCP Balochistan Chapter Shamas Mamdokhel, Nasir Kareem, Dr Manan Baloch vice president of Baloch National Movement and others delivered discourses.

Speakers told that Baloch youth are being abducted and afterward their mutilated bodies are being thrown. Institutes are committing genocide of Baloch Nation. Albert, it is inscribed in constitution that masses have right to live freely and international laws also offer same. No one has right to snatch someone’s freedom and enforced to disappear.

Voice for Missing Person representatives told they have knocked at door of each forum for gain of justice but response is not positive. Supreme Court several times gave directives but none of them were complied with them. They appealed media and human rights organization to feel agony of relatives of Baloch Missing Persons and perform their due role for safe release of them.

Speakers further said that during four years 700 Balochs mutilated bodies have been found, whilst thousands are missing. Without resolve of Missing Persons issue peace can’t be maintained in Balochistan.

Dr. Manan Baloch in his telephonic speech said that occupant is abducting Baloch youth extra-Judicially to halt the way of emancipation struggle. The abduction and throwing of mutilated bodies is denounced.

HRCP official Shamas Mandokhel expressed concerns over extra judicial killing and abduction of Baloch political workers. He said that from very first day of this series we had declared it grave violation of human rights and we have established a commission for collecting information about human right violation in remote areas of Balochistan. We demand this series must be ended, otherwise out-comes will be drastic.

Ex-MPA Shah Zaman Rind told, that unfortunately constitution’s supremacy never been accepted. The assemblies are powerless the institutes are occupying all powers in their hands.

Other speakers also expressed grave concerns over human rights violation and abduction of Baloch and demanded this series if in Human practices must be stopped and missing persons must be released.


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