Which nation powers are countering the Baloch revolution

By Babo Baloch Qambarni

There are many nations in the world and the Baloch is the one of them. And they have their own land as known as Balochistan in the world map in the boundary of Pakistan which is occupied by Pakistan. Everyone knows that Baloch is a brave well cultured and hardiment nation in the world. History is witness that baloch have struggle for their land in every century. When imperialist plan their dirty game to occupy their land Baloch fight against the imperialism power but unfortunately they face obstacle in every century.

Baloch fought against the British empire for their freedom 107 years, at last at august 11 1947, succeed at their freedom. But that was not the final decision for the Baloch peoples only for a short period they became the owner of their own land Balochistan. But imperialism’s so called baloch sold their land and sold the wars of the Baloch which fought for the freedom with the British and sold there scarifies. English empire searches an agent for them which work as a puppet for them. They try to buy the Baloch but they failed because a Baloch feel ashamed of being an agent of an English man. Then the British got a nation which can work for them as a puppet. British were afraid of Baloch and they plan to divide the Baloch’s land Balochistan. They divided it in three pieces. And break the dream of Baloch, Baloch being a free Baloch. They gave the three areas to three imperial powers. There is one of them is called the religious country. Which country call him clean country and they are genocide the Baloch peoples from the 65 years and until they are and using the weapon of religious. And the world imperial powers are also supporting them in genocide of Baloch, looting their resources as fast as they can. They are doing the same until now. And there are some baloch which are partner of them in genocide of Baloch. They are also playing equal act which other traitor are committing in other countries and are playing the main role in the countering the Baloch Freedom Movement and there is no one to ask them to why are u sale their Baloch martyr and there nation because of some money they are those peoples which pull the British ride with there shoulders because there were no horse at that time in Sibi. And they buried there self respect as a Baloch and accept the slavery of the British Empire. But the real Baloch maintain their respect of Baloch and fight for the freedom and they are still fighting for there freedom against the imperialism powers. There are also some forces which are ready to counter the Baloch Freedom Movement they work as puppet of the imperialists abducting the 1000’s of the Baloch and killing and dump them and throw there bullet riddled body at various places of the Balochistan and they try to make their personality, they often that they are the Baloch nationalists, they try to bluff the innocent Baloch peoples.

‘I ask question to Baloch peoples Shaheed Ghulam Muhammad, Shaheed Sher Muhammad, Shaheed Ali Sher Kurd, Shaheed Ghaffar langove, Shaheed Balach Marri  and Shaheed Noor Muhammad are martyr because of the sake of some money they scarifies their lives?’

If not then which sense was that they scarifies there lives that I want the answer from a Baloch which call him a patriot comrade or son of the Balochistan try to find the answer. Try to think for some while that why they scarifies there lives and for what I think that you should know the answer after thinking about that in deep. What are the fact what happening.

This is the easiest way to think about baloch martyr and Baloch Freedom Movement. Because they are sacrifices their lives, relaxation, relation only for one cause that is the independence of the Balochistan and future of a young Baloch. I think they do not lie like the so called Baloch Nationalist. If they saw something they have the ability to perform/do it. They scarifies there lives for the freedom of there motherland Balochistan. But counter Baloch Freedom Movement powers are the enemies in the past till now they are against the right of the Baloch peoples. The blood of the Shaheed Fida and Shaheed Hameed will not forgive the traitor like this. These traitor powers some time use religious Islam some time show them self-Muslims and start the genocide of the Baloch. Like these money puppets agents and try to hide there real faces from the innocent Baloch and bluff to them. And use the same way of the nationalist religious and some time the nation leader Sardar, Nawab style to genocide the innocent Baloch.

In this counter, Baloch Freedom Movement National Party (NP) is on the top of the list of the traitors. Parties like NP they work in society against the real Baloch son of the Balochistan and work as a puppet of the imperial country and play a big role in propaganda against the Baloch, Baloch Freedom Movement every time everywhere. And try to show the Baloch fighters as bad person  but they are fail today, every Baloch knows that who is there and who is against them and J.U.I is also one the against Baloch Movement party they are also involve in the genocide of innocent Baloch. They call themselves Islamic party but work for money not for Islam they say that the Balochs are the agent of India and America, they are “KAfir” (non-Muslim), uneducated (uneducated about Islam), cruel and animals. They say kill the Baloch it is also part of the Islam. They show are wrong side of Islam because of this person every second person says Islam is a terrorist religious. They use the clean name of Islam only for there own benefits they are doing corruption in Islam they say we are Muslim and Baloch’s are Kafir. They do not work for Islam they only work for money. Their religious is money not Islam. There is another party which is name as BNP (Awami), they call them the Baloch Nationalist. They are also cheating with innocent Baloch. They want to brighten their politics by using name of martyrs. And they sometime views in newspaper in favor of BSO-(A) and sometime in favor of the Baloch freedom fighter “Sarmachars”. Because they easily can cheat to Baloch by using the name of Baloch martyrs and Baloch fighters. They show that we are the friends of the Baloch Freedom Movement. They try to hold the Baloch on their side they say:

“We are only using the parliament as defense wall for the right of baloch peoples.”

But they have to remember that the Baloch freedom force name Baloch Liberation Front said clearly that the BNP-(Awami) is the party of the ISI and MI. They are the one of the important group of the agent in Balochistan for Pakistan. This is clear-cut that in front of the Baloch the real face of the BNP-(Awami) is clear and one of the senior members of BNP-(Awami) Syed Ehsan Shah is the member of the ISI and playing important role of agent in Balochistan.

I want to say that your real face is clear in front of Baloch peoples and they should have to give up from these kind of work and BSO-(A) is a clean and revolutionary organization, do not try to play your propaganda against them and stop this. And do not show your party affiliations with the revolutionary force BLA, BLF & BRA and do not try to inflict them in loss on international forums. And there is another party in Balochistan, its name is BNP-(M). They have also damaged to the Baloch Freedom Movement. They also caused loss in the past to up till now. They are double sided point; one way to the parliament and other to the non- parliament. Their main belief until isn’t unclear, they are with Baloch Freedom Movement or not. What kind of role they play in future is doubtful. They are watching their benefits which can give those more benefits, like NP there some senior members are also playing a big role to counter Baloch Movement they do not left any possible to give damage of Baloch Freedom Movement. It is some how possible to say they are the agents of agencies. They are also playing a role against Baloch fighters “Sarmachar”.

Like, they plan against the Baloch Liberation United Front. They said that it is an organization which is committing genocide of Baloch; means is killing Balochs in Balochistan and wrote articles about them in newspapers. After this propaganda the student wing of the BNP-(M). Start propaganda against the Balochi and Barahui newspaper daily Tawar. But they got failed in this propaganda because of huge reaction by Baloch Nation. They are afraid of it and they get back, they call to burn and boycott the daily Tawar.

Now it depends on the youth of the Baloch Nation that how they can save themselves from the counter Baloch Freedom Movement powers. How they can achieve the dreams of their martyrs and their accents and how can fulfill them. A revolutionary person can only complete the dream of the martyrs to the reality.




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