Appeal………….. Families want UNO takes prompt action

1385842_375220035946119_68010122_nA statement from the family of Muhamad Ramzan and Dr Din Muhammad that Mama Qadeer and Nasrullah Baloch’s rally for baloch missing persons, bullet riddled body and brutality of Pakistani armed forces against innocent Baloch peoples in Balochistan. This Long March as importance cause started at that time when establishment’s brutality crossed every limit of Humanity. Establishment started a fire where every Baloch is burning in it. There is Blood River is flowing in Balochistan, in it no Baloch is safe. Thousands of Balochs are being abducted and thousands have been killed in the custody of establishment. Balochs are being abducted from their houses by armed forces of Pakistan. This Long March is a historical march and step forward for Baloch. This Long March is a message to all the victim nations of the world what Balochs can do for their rights. The step taken by Mama Qadeer in which whole Baloch Nation is with him and participation is proof of that Baloch Nation has not forgotten the sacrifices of their missing person and martyrs. Mama Qadeer’s this old age struggle is history and there are no other example like him for his nation. In the age of 70 he continued the hunger strike for 1,312 days for missing persons and martyrs of Balochistan and against the brutality of establishment, he has important role in the struggle for freedom. We appeal all Baloch Nation to more participation in this rally to show the world that establishment is treating Balochs like animals. so far 18000 Balochs are in the torture cells of the establishment where they are being tortured and every day they throw their tortured dead bodies which is human rights violation. There is still time for UNO, super power countries and human rights owners they stop this brutality and human rights violation, otherwise after some period this violation cross all its limits after that the human rights organizations would be responsible for the deaths; they were count as murderers at that time they have nothing to regret on these violations.

We appeal the human rights organizations to open there eyes and take eye on reality how Baloch peoples are forced to live in these circumstances. We hope UNO, AMESTY INTERNATIONAL, Human Rights Watch and other international and local human rights organization to pay every possible role to release Muhammad Ramzan, Dr Din Muhammad and other Baloch Missing Persons which are in custody of establishment.


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