Baloch struggle is for a social, welfare and National state: Hamal Haider Baloch

Interviewed by Ahmed Khan

Baloch National Movement’s central committee member foreign hammal-haider-balochspokesperson Hammal Haider Baloch is residing in U.K. and spoke with Bolan Voice about prevailing situations and future possibilities. He believes Baloch issue has got recognized internationally and now European people know well that there is an unsolved issue of Baloch, and in Balochistan human rights are being violated by state of Pakistan. Even though we have to accept this fact that Baloch haven’t got remarkable success diplomatically on international level. He says there is no ideological differences among all pro-freedom organization and leadership our aims and objectives are same, and for single leadership efforts are undergoing as well. He has faith that in nearer future all Balochs will form a single platform. He thinks in Awaran government hasn’t helped earthquake victims. However, our own organizations along with non-government organizations and internationally dwelled Balochs donating and helping earthquake victims in Awaran. He believes Baloch will renounce tribalism with evolutionary process. Hamal Haidar Baloch’s interview is presented here for Bolan Voice readers.

Bolan Voice (Blv): Explain internationally awareness ratio about Baloch issue?

(HHB): We with other Balochs are internationally conducting programs, such as seminars, protests and using other many ways to spread awareness about Baloch issue. Now world knows about Baloch issue and they think there is an issue which is long standing. American, British and other European citizens, Human Rights organizations officials and politicians have been noticing that Pakistan is perpetrating heinous crimes against Baloch nation. They have also come to know our land is an occupied land. However, we have to accept this fact that we haven’t made remarkable achievement in diplomatic field and it is required to be done, too.

Blv: Tell reasons of dissents among Pro-independent organizations even of single aim and objective?

HHB: It is will of each Baloch including me that dissents ought to be discarded among Baloch organizations and leadership. We ought to struggle through single command and leadership. About this aspect efforts are under process and I am optimistic that we will reach to a positive upshot. I hope regarding this Baloch Nation will hear great news very soon.

I want to clear one thing that the conflicting image that is being portrayed on social media about our movement is untrue and it is totally distorted. Ground realities are quite different. Some low-witted people emitting misperceptions and misinterpreting small disagreements through social media about the movement. I believe this act is nothing but a vicious propaganda campaign to disintegrate our movement.

Blv: A proposal of cease-fire has been offered about Awaran earthquake relief workers, do you consider it viable?

HHB: The cease fire was offered by Dr Malik to armed resistance group Balochistan Liberation Front BLF and I think Dr Malik has no authority at all, he is a puppet Chief Minister and all the things including the policies are made by military institutes. The second thing is that army is not carrying-out any relief work but it is fortifying its portions in Awaran and deploying fresh personnel in different places where currently it has founded of its posts on the eve of earthquake, and by the fresh reinforcement of troops in the name earthquake relief it can be guessed that they are intended to launch a massive operation in that those areas. Army came to Awaran for suppressing Baloch and crushing Baloch National movement, it never came for relief works or helping the victims.

Blv: Why not resisting organization merge in single till independence?

HHB: we are desirous to form an alliance of our pro-freedom organizations and efforts are being made in this regard and Baloch Nation will hear great news about this. However, we have no influence over resisting organizations, the resemblance is only this that our aim is single and that is freedom.

Blv: Some elements blame that BSO- Azad is pocket organizations of BNM, is it true?

HHB: No, it is totally wrong. BSO-Azad is an independent organization and BNM have no influence over it. It is dependent in its policies and in organizational affairs. Our party only has an alliance with BSO on Balochistan Nationalists Front (BNF) forum. Perhaps we have a great deal of understanding between us but it doesn’t mean they follow our instructions. 

Blv: Is your party working for social change of Baloch prior to freedom?

HHB: Presently, all Baloch are slave, and very first priority is to get ourselves unchained from slavery, and then we Baloch will be able to apply any system on our country. Now state never lets that Baloch resources and coast be used for Baloch prosperity. Currently, every Baloch be it a commoner, Sardar, student, doctor, employee and other all are slave without distinguish of status or class. We are working for social justice and parity based system too and Baloch independent state will be a welfare state, where each will have equal opportunities and rights and no one will be superior.

Blv: Youth mostly expect for prompt result from movement, but after twelve years struggle there isn’t any result or outcome of it, how you elaborate this?

HHB: Our obligation is to struggle, hence we are doing so. It never can be prognosticated whether we gets freedom very soon or it takes centuries. But Baloch struggle brought visible the positive signs and entire world is witnessing these very clear. Civilized world has declared valid to Baloch struggle. But exact time frame can’t be given, because various states got freedom in different ages of struggle.

Blv: Tribalism has spent its physical age and now it got outdated. Do you have any program that it to be replaced with?

HHB:  We don’t believe in tribalism and our party is working for non-tribal society. Our current generation’s duty is to struggle for freedom of Balochistan, upcoming generation will decide of it whether to discard tribalism from their lives or bring modification in it. With evolutionary process tribalism is getting weaken. I believe tribalism is not as much a threat as state occupation.

Blv: Why Baloch Movement is not getting interconnected with other progressive movements?

HHB: Yes, it is true we haven’t made connections with progressive movements, yet Baloch movement will get interconnected with world’s progressive movements on conducive juncture Reasons are several about this which will be addressed onward.

Blv: As for as Baloch Missing Persons are concerned, Dr Abdul Malik Baloch has taken away his hands to tackle it, so what would be the reason?

HHB: We have already foretold it that Dr Malik just only be the Chief Minister with having no power, so he is like a puppet CM and he never can release or bring on surface the Missing Balochs. We all know better that army has all powers; Dr Malik is like a show peace and nothing else.

Blv: Being a politician concerned with Baloch issue how you see the upcoming situations of Balochistan?

HHB: Balochistan’s future is bright. Baloch masses conscious level is rising up. Pakistani state is losing its grip on Balochistan. Baloch issue, internationally is getting known and world is realizing that Baloch independent state will be guarantor of peace in region due to this nation moderate psyche and progressive orientation.

Blv: In earthquake affected areas many peoples were not allowed by army to join their families on Eid for celebration, how you see this repugnance?

HHB: Baloch shouldn’t expect of good from army and other institutes of Pakistan. Baloch Nation is engaged in struggle of freedom, first we get our freedom, then we will celebrate Eids with extreme joys and emotions.

Blv: BSO-Azad including your party has declined any aid from government sector, so will you be able to help the victims by the assistance of Baloch Nation?

HHB: it is understood that government and its army never get chance to enter in earthquake-hit areas to soothe Baloch, but came to search and abolish Baloch Movement. They are erecting new posts and deploying re-energized contingents of force and shifting military logistic to conduct massive operation and crush insurgency. Their helicopters are shelling on civilians instead of providing the aid. We are able to assist our Baloch brothers and sisters in Awaran. In this regard Balochs living in Arab and European states are donating altruism and philanthropically for the rehabilitation of disastrous people of Awaran. And our party and BSO-A are also sound to assist their people.

Blv: At the end of 2014, NATO forces will withdraw from Afghanistan, hence how it will impact on Baloch Movement?

HHM: yes, it will effect Baloch Movement. After withdraw from Afghanistan, the United State will try to use Pakistan army for keeping hegemony on region but it won’t be blackmailed anymore by Pakistan. Therefore, it is obvious that Pakistan will not get desirable aid from Pakistan which will bring it on the brinks of collapse. Currently, U.S has invested a considerable capital in Afghanistan and she never will let someone to enjoy resources of Central Asia including Afghanistan. A number of US troops will stay in Afghanistan even after 2014. The Baloch Movement is not on level of infancy that it to be ignored, it has value and significance. Baloch, as the accordance of circumstances will opt polices but never will surrender from stance of freedom. Afghanistan is a land-lock state and without a free stable Balochistan it might never reach warm waters. The Gwadar is entrance for region, so America west can’t just put Baloch land aside. Balochs are the genuine master of their land and Baloch movement is the true representative of Baloch nation, thus in this perspective it has great value and world has to concede it.

Blv: At lasts your massage for Baloch?

HHB: I plea to Baloch get united and don’t be preyed by enemy and its agents. Baloch Movements has seized a sufficient portion of its destiny and this is high time that entire nation must take the course of freedom with courage and wit.


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