Beyond a squandered chance

By Baloch Khan

The civil – military establishment of Pakistan and America urged Taliban for negotiation. The Afghan president baloch khanHumid Karzai as well has not left any stone unturned.  America and Afghanistan peace process begin in Qatar. Pakistani civilian government made main stream efforts for peace process. Tahreek Insaf chairman Imran Khan marched in tribal areas against the drone sticks, Urged Taliban for peace talk but no one able to talk with Taliban on table. Hakmuulah Masud was killed .the killing below peace process, the distance between TTP and the government has increased. TTP elected new supreme leader Mullana Fazullah known as Mullah Radio has declared Pakistan slave of America and terminated peace talk. US and Pakistan not conduct clear policy against TTP nor win public opinion.

Drone strikes according to majority public opinion against civilian, killed innocent in the tribal areas as International Amnesty (IA) reported. PM Nawaz and Obama meeting in White House was not based on clear vision and policy for  war on terrorism, peace talk and drone sticks anyway negotiation is two ways traffic. TTP’s ideology is like cloudy picture since 9/11 event war on terrorism created two civilizations in world. So called Islam defender Taliban killed more than 50000 innocents in Pakistani citizens including law enforcement agencies members.

There is no good , bad Taliban, no Afghan, Punjabi and Pakhtoon Talban the all involved in killing of innocent human, destruction of child, girl, women schools and colleges. Destroyed Pakistan’s economy, civil institutions, religious, culture and political norms exploitation of   women rights, the killing of 16 years school going girl. What extremists project Islam? They want to push Muslims in Stone Age, there is no any room empty for violence against human, and there is zero tolerance for human rights violation. Human rights champion America review should her review polices. Dialogue needs clear ideology and clear and positive perception but Taliban are hard nut to crack. Dialogue requires equal parameter anyway peace talk had to   persuade because negotiation is best policy but chance has been squandered by Pakistan and American civil and military establishment.

The writer is journalist and human right activists.


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