Disasters are calamities

By aziz ejaz

24 September 2013, was the day hit Awaran district and suburbs with a massive photo0195earthquake jolt. In magnitude the jolt tremor was reminiscent of 2005 apocalyptic temblor that shrieked the eastern part of its territory. In the history of earthquake list it was the deadliest ever recorded in the region has occurred. This massive earthquake which was of 7.7 magnitudes according to the U-S Geological survey, the earthquake’s epicenter was located somehow 23km of Awaran and it was 12-14 miles deep. The trembles were sensed in Quetta, Chagi, Dalbandin, Noshki, Panjgoor, Ormara, Turbet, Gawader, Pasni, Kharan, Mastung, Kalat, Khuzdar, Sibi, Naseerabad, Lesbella, Jaffarabad, Taftan, Nokkuandi, and dozens of other cities and towns of the impoverished Province and in parts of India Iran Afghanistan and united Arab emirates and Oman too. This earthquake occurred as the result of oblique – strike – slip type motion at shallow crustal depths and its shaking intensity was horrific but owing to sparsely – populated area it became for less deadly even though has brought a great desolation that rattled though while district and its suburbs.

It was the evening time we were working at our shops a shriek of 3 or 4 seconds has felt seeing the fan moving irregularly I called my brother- in- law and same others to go outside the shop. We all came out after a very little instant a massive jolt of it has felt which was accompanied by a horrific sound of crying and the dust particles moving over to heaven kept us blind and we were unable to see even very near for few seconds ago.

No doubt, this massive earthquake flattened hundreds of mud houses and killing to a dozen of people according to a report. Awaran district has an estimated population of around 300, 00, over an area of more than 21,000 square kilometers. “Over 50% of urban and around 90%, of rural areas of the district has been ravaged by the quake jolts.”

While journeying to the ravaged area of earthquake we were thinking till now the all the things have been already done and partially recovered as it was almost the 9th day of massive quake.

We were going to Mashkey from Kuzdar side and did not see any vehicle be taking the reliefs to the affected areas and when came very close to its boundary the time was approximately 3pm. On the way where the area is widely scattered didn’t hear any lost but the houses were flattened and people were being seemed helping themselves.

Where you people are going? We have been asked on a post of army at the very beginning of Mashkey, Jebbery village —

We stopped here for about 20 minutes after a cross-examination we have been startled to take care of ourselves that the area is dwindling for outsiders….

At the post there were almost loaded trucks standing behind and there drivers were setting being perplexed. Moving few KMs away a place come namely Nokjoo which was destroyed fully and the houses were completely collapsed, showing it a place of old civilization where nothing except an image of destruction came into sights.

It was the 9th day but people were still busy taking away their luggage and other precious things which were trapped under the rubble of collapsed houses.

According to Provincial Governments they have declared an emergency in Awaran and its suburbs and the army mobilized its medical teams as well as 200 soldiers and paramilitary frontier corps troops to help with the immediate relief effort, next to 1st post, few KMs away another post came in the area of Nokjoo interrogated us for somehow 15 minutes where we as well saw many loaded trucks standing over there and then in the affected areas no any relief work was being seemed to be processing at the moment we saw some children with their elderly female holding small bottles moving towards the date palms where is a source of water occurred just in the area after the massive destruction…

In this area we have been taken to a relief camp was held by the activists of BNM and BSO-Azad respectively working at the both times. A member from BNM told us, this is the situation over there, inhabitants don’t have water to drink and the loaded trucks being directly taken to main camp and over to their head the gunship helicopters are shilling and firing mortars keeping the situation slimmer and fearful in order to deployed new troops at different posts because this would be a great opportunity for them to lunch an operation in the areas.

At this relief camp, we saw few tablets and some tens kept, asking a victim at the same area we have been told that they are not in need of aids or anything else from army and frontier corps because enemies are enemies at every moment and they have called for international help as well.

The death toll of the affected areas of Awaran rose to 400 or above then it where the injured 600.

With little or no commotion network it was completely creating troubles to carry on the relief works. To hampering the communication in the area was already a hint of some bad happen, While moving ahead we have been interrogated at 5 posts of the frontier corps at last we moved towards the city Gajjar which is affected a lot, Seeing the collapsed houses we didn’t hope for any life be alive or existing because all of the houses were collapsed nothing being seemed to optimistically. The survivors were busy at tacking away the trapped things and the surrounding was calm as if catastrophe has taken all the lives of the area.

At Gajjar we have been taken to a relief camp held by the same activists of organization working over there in Nokkjoo area. Here we have been served with  a very well organized manner, thinking in mind hospitability remains always something noticeable whither  it is a time of difficulty or something else. Here were not many doctors in the relief camp but by the help of 2 or 3 doctors were seemed trying to provide maximum facilities in the affected area.

Next morning we got off early and tried to convey our survey we asked an old age woman that are you getting aids from any one?

she has replied our all houses are collapsed nothing except these mud remained unchanged and we are sitting in the heaven without assists she meant there is not coming any aid owing to all my because they are not allowing the aid to reach us. It is an exertion from the Baloch brothers [organizational activists] that we are passing over both time and further said they are not in need of any assistance from army because they are killing the Balochs brothers and lunching operation in different areas of Balochistan.

We nearsighted the gunship helicopters coming and going to the army camp some where the sounds of rockets and somewhere the resonances of mortar being heard and in other side the victims were seeing the ways of load trucks to reach till them………

We need the international organizations and human rights organizations to come for assisting us.

A child in a very low sound chanting it again and again….     


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