Importance of Education

BK bazag, Turbat

Education is one of the basic necessities of the modern societies as the society holds its grounds on the basis of education. Gone are the days when nations with most manpower and greatest warriors were considered the best on the surface of earth. Today the education is the power to rule the world and this is a known fact now. No nation can grow better and prosperous without education.

Education plays an important role when it comes to defining and designing a society. One of the basic traits of a society that defines other institutions like justice, food and other necessities are now dependent on the education. An educated society looks for sustainability and using their resources in such a way so that the future of their coming generations is not compromised. The way earth’s inhabitants are using its resources, sustainability is the only choice for a nation o stand long and prosperous, The sense of sustainability is what comes after ages of education.

Education makes man a man. Almost every religion has emphasized on getting education in any condition. The reason behind this much emphasis is that only education makes a man what he is capable of. Education shows a man what he is capable of and what talents he had all his life hidden in him. Self-believing is the real success and without education that is simply not possible. Education makes the difference between a man’s biological existence and its social importance.

Education gives us knowledge and that makes us different from the rest of the world. Book reading or watching an informative program on TV is also a part of education. This type of education is called informal education and man spends most of his time getting informal education. This way man can learn more about his interest and can excel in his field.

We live in a life with full of technology. We can talk to people within seconds across continents, we can fly to the other corner of the world within 24 hours, we can connect to the whole world while being at home. Our lives are full of luxuries and facilities and all of them are due to the education. Our ancestors would have never thought of these facilities in their era and with education man has evolved itself and the very society he lives in.

Education also plays an important role in conflict resolving. In the ages of ignorance people were killed sue to a very small matter and now even the biggest conflicts can be resolved by education. An educated nation knows its loop holes and struggles to eradicate the shortcomings through education and getting the advance knowledge of modern sciences.

Someone said: “Education is a controlling grace to the young, consolation to the old wealth to the poor and ornament to the rich.” Education proves to be fruitful for every discipline of society and its helps the nation in every possible way.

In short, education is one of the pre requisites of progress for any nation. You will never witness any nation coming to light while ignoring education as their priority. Education is necessary and there is not a second thought about that.


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