International laws are not applicable on Balochistan: BSO- A

imagesBolan voice Report

Baloch Students Organization- Azad’s centeral spokesperson in its statement said that Baloch Republican Party Tabo-Zone organizer Safar Khan and deputy organizer Wahid Bukhsh were martyred and dumped in desolated area; the deceased’s were recovered after five days. The both political workers were abducted from Jacobabad and had been tortured in cell, and then their corpses were thrown in Dera Bugti area Zainko. The said Baloch political workers were hit with bullets on their heads.

The spokesperson of BSO-A blamed that in Mashky people are forced to live under open sky, because their houses have demolished by earthquake and these victim Balochs are not exempted the atrocities by forces. These areas victims’ are facing shelling by forces helicopters. Several families have migrated due to terrible situations of area. In Supreme Court, the case of missing persons is proceeding which mean to over-shed the atrocities of forces in Baloch areas and divert world’s attention from state persecutions. It seems that Balochistan is exceptional from international laws, where state is perpetrating crimes against humanity and United Nation is merely watching like a spectator without taking any actions; hence this organization is also getting as partner of committer. And Balochistan has been converted into such area where international laws are not applicable.


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