Missing Persons and Long March

By Gulsher Daad, Turbat

Baluchistan, experiencing the most critical times of its history, has reached at a point of no return to normalcy.  It isimages evident from the fact that everyone comes up with ingenious ideas and talks about the will of the people, but as soon as they fulfill their vested interest, they forget the tall claims made to the suffering people of the deprived province.

In November 2008, Dr Babar Awan, who was appointed as the Minister for Parliamentary

Affairs as well as the law minister of Pakistan, set up a meeting with a group of journalists with the aim of solving the issue of Baloch missing persons in Quetta. In the very meeting it was over-emphasized that all rights of the people in Baluchistan would be resorted then.

Similarly, since then a number of futile discussions, meetings, and programs have been conducted in the name of resolving the affairs in the province yet no serious result appears.

The newly elected chief Minister, Dr Abdul Malik Baloch, had overstated  that among the problems he ranked highest in his priority list, was to address the issue of Baloch missing persons and  he would do his utmost to amend the wrongs have been done in the past.

Despite having the inexplicable issues solved, they have gone from bad to worse to the extent that a deep hatred turned to those who built up the false hopes, since the enforce disappearance continues in Baluchistan and heading in the  same way. As an assiduous report states that from 2001 to 2010 approximately 11000 people in the province have been disappeared; many among who have been mutilated and bullet-ridden bodies were thrown across Balochistan. Worst to that some hidden faces have been busy to the task to sow the seed of conflict and disunity in the province to turn the situations as barbaric as they can.

Some of the bitter facts about the present condition are that, all the things are manageable, but require political will, meaningful dialogues, appropriate actions and honesty of the purpose which unfortunately one fails to find in ruling government.

It is pertinent to mention that the delicate issue has come on the stage where a long march, from Quetta to Karachi, has been carrying on for 20 days under the groom and guidance of mama Qadeer along with females and children to plead the cause of vice for the Baloch missing persons.  However, it is disheartening to say that yet no efforts have been made from government side to address the missing persons issue in a meaningful manner which is an insult to democracy.

Besides this, what is tortuous is that the act of depraving the province from media is a stain on humanity; neither the print media nor the electric media highlights the problems taking place on the daily basis.

I would to request to government and appeal to the authorities concerned to look into the matter seriously and take some concrete steps for the recovery of the missing persons in



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