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MNLF, which is known as More National Liberation Front has no any exact record of its initiation but as the emergence of conflicts appeared according to officials records of MNLF, it believes that the Bangsamoro for which the group claims was a sovereign land hundreds of years before it was illegally annexed as a part of the Philippine in the 1935 constitution of the republic the Philippines. Muslim Rebels have been fighting since the 1970s for an independent or an autonomous homeland in the south of the mainly catholic Philippines. Since the day of skirmishes emerged somehow an estimated of 150,000 people have died.

MNLF, is a rebel group that was founded by Nur Misuare in 1969, it struggles to achieve independent of the Bangsamoro land which covers Sulu, Mindanao, Palawan and Sabah.

Philippines most population is consisted of more than 90% of Christians who belong to the Roman catholic church and Christian denominations respectively. Between 5% and 10% of the population are Muslims who live in parts of Mindanoa, Polwan and Sulu for which they are struggling and laying down their lives.

It is a historically fact that whenever any rebel groups emerge to fight for a specific sort of purpose so they need to know the ground realities first and secondly the ways they have to carry on their struggle. Undoubtedly a piece of land that is once under the claws of colonial rules gets the worst taste of slavery and same is the case with Muslims live in Philippine. The MNLF believes that the Bangsamore land was already a sovereign Nation hundreds of years before it was illegally annexed as a part of the Philippines in the 1935 constitution of the republic if Philippines. The land Bangsamore was forcibly annexed by the Philippines and it died back into the hands of Philippine. It is truly said by Thomson Jefferson that,

When injustice becomes law”, “Resistance beco-mes duty

After such occupations by force illegally, likely compel the rebellions to emerge expediently. The founder and leader of MNLF fighting for the social and economic rights of his deprived nation is Prof Doctor Nur Misuari and he is mentioned as the chairman and commander in chief of the MNLF as well and Misuari is the only person in the Bangsamoro land was once distinguished as certified united Nations peace prize awardee Nobel peace prize laureate Nominee’ awardee of Felix Hauphouet-Boigny peace prize Misuri is one of the most famous individuals who have acquired an international reputation on account of his Major contribution to the promotion of peace, democracy and Human rights. He is an emotional worker and always tries to raise the voice for the rights of deprived Nations and well educated persons whose attributes Let him among the most influential personalities in the world but his reputation claimed to be negative when Misuri was charged of rebellion where an alleged assault on a Philippine Military came on Sulu in 2001 which he and the MNLF denied after which he was changed and became a political prisoner allegations of rebellion from 2001-2009. The court acquitted him in 2009 because the prosecution was unable to produce sufficient evidence.

At the beginning of emergence it was internationally recognized by the organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC) and its parliamentary union of OIC Member state (PUIC). Since, 1977 the MNLF has been an observer Member of the OIC. On 30 January 2012, this Islamic organizations raising the voices of Bangsamoro people became an observer Member of the parliamentary union of Islamic cooperation (PUIC), as approved during the 7th PUIC global session held in Palembang, Indonesia.

On what realties this organization being given such influential duty in worldwide spread organization like OIC which is the 2nd largest inter-government organization after United Nations.

Interestingly it is something very prompt to be declared but as seeing the Motto of MNLF is it not an organization linked with Al-Qaeda?

There emerged three Major groups that had separated from the MNLF owing to appalling reasons that occasionally occur in wars being fought against enemies.


The first separatist of the MNLF is MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) began to appear in 1976 which was led by Hashim Salamit. The very appalling Reasons that let it be separated from MNLF was that it believes the Bangsamore land should be an independent Islamic state and the Bangsamoro freedom fighters should not negotiate with the government at any cost but MNLF was having some Misconceptions or real facts that MILF was formed as a result in infiltration of the Armed forces of the Philippines (AFP) and attempting to fallow a strategic Move to “divide-and-Conquer” the MNLF or is being used by the AFP in False Flag operations. Hashim Salamat died in 2003 at the age of 61 and the new leaderships took over and the organization still Exists. MNLF was declared as a terrorist organization by international observers.

Abu sayyaf group (ASG)

The second separatist of the MNLF is ASG led by Khadaffy Janjalani in 1991. This group was declared originally a part of the so-called National Islamic command Council (NIEC) which was an anti- Misuari group led by Meliham Alam. The MNLF believes it was formed as a result of the black operation of the Armed forces of the Philippines to smear dirt on the face of Islam and scare the people against the Muslims and as well believes that ASG enjoying the support of the AFP.

There have occurred many Skirmishes between these organizations as freshly in 2 February 2013, when MNLF attacked ASG in an effort to rescue kidnapped victims Jordanian Journalist Baker Abdullah Atyani and some other victims from foreign countries b but it was not to pursue the hot pursuit because the Philippines president made a statement that he didn’t sanction the attacks against the terror group. In a press conference on a February 2013, MNLF leader Nur Msiuari said that MNLF leadership would no longer tolerate the Abu Sayyab using Sulu as a haven for criminal activates, victimizing locals and foreigners.


Is basically the third separatist group from the MNLF, a group of 15 MNLF leaders who tuned against Misuari group for reasons similar to that of Abu Sayyat and MNLF? The 15 men group took over the leadership and later on helped the government administration to made Nur Misuari a political prisoner from 2001-2009 according to MNLF press leaders the 15EC being no longer considered as and with the MNLF because they violated the doctrine of organization.

The MNLF birth has no exact record that where it was founded but the commemoration of the Jabidah Massacre is a fact declares some historical realities of its foundation.

In 18 March 1968, ‘’between’’ 14 to 68 Flipino Muslim military trainees were managed in Corregidor by Armed forces of the Philippines soldiers which is popularly called the Jabidah Massacre.

In results an outraged among the Muslims of Mindanao emerged and raised a voice against miscarriage of Muslims, Nur Misuari a university of the Philippines. Professor rose to become the leader of this outraged group and later on he founded the Moro National liberation front in 1969. After a few Months of setting up the organization, the MNLF officially proclaimed itself a political party in 1970. After recruiting sufficient members of freedom fighters eventually MNLF launched a protracted armed struggle.

Tacbil Mosque Massacre was another vital event in the MNLF history. In 24 September 1974, a total of 1776 Muslim churchgoers were Massacred by the armed forces of the Philippines in various areas of Bangasemoro including Malisbeng, Palimbeng, Sultan Kurdrat, Mindanao, while the Muslims were praying, they were sprayed with bullets.

In 23 April 2010, there came a united Nations security council reports says that Morro Islamic liberation Front (MILF) , Abu Sayyaf group (ASG),and the Armed forces of the Philippines are among the groups armed the world that recruit and exploit children for their various purpose of carrying the Expeditions but MNLF was not Mentioned as a human rights violator.

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